Undergraduate Courses

Educational Leadership is a graduate department. We do not offer a major in Educational Leadership but do offer courses for undergraduates.

Undergraduate Courses for EHS majors

Two core courses for many teacher education licensure programs, EDL 204 and EDL 318, are offered through Educational Leadership.

Undergraduate Courses in Student Development, Career Exploration, and Student Life / Learning at the University

Several courses specifically related to student affairs work and student support for transitioning students are offered through our department and usually taught by an array of student affairs professionals and para-professionals on campus.

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    mcguffey hall

    Department of Educational Leadership

    Our mission is to encourage the development of leaders who assume responsibility for sharing education to make students’ lives more meaningful. Our core values are that school leadership is an intellectual, moral, and craft practice, and that transformation leadership entails a commitment to equity and social justice, critical thinking, and the forging of collaborative links between educational institutions and communities.

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