EDL students and faculty

Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Associateships

GA/TAs provide a stipend for half-time duties for two semesters (Fall and Spring only), plus remission of the instruction fee and the out-of-state tuition surcharge for up to 6 graduate hours during the terms of a summer session immediately preceding or following the academic year of the award.  GA/TAs must carry between 9 and 15 hours of graduate courses and perform duties equivalent to 20 hours per week.  GAs and TAs may hold no other employment at Miami University or elsewhere during their term of appointment.

Doctoral Teaching Associates normally teach one of our two core undergraduate courses, EDL 204, Sociocultural Foundations of Education, or EDL 318, Teacher Leader.   Our goal is to assign every Teaching Associate a yearly teaching load of 3 courses, meaning one semester you will teach one section, and the second semester you will teach two sections.   During the semester that you are teaching one course, we assign students another 10 hours of work to individual professors as a research assistant, or to a program or activity in the Department.  Other doctoral Graduate Assistantships include administrative responsibilities in the Department, or work with professors on research grants.  In both teaching and other assignments, we expect students to commit the full number of assigned hours to the assigned work.

Assistantships are also available in other offices at the University.  Stipend amounts differ in different offices.  Students should investigate other assistantship opportunities, particularly at Rinella Learning Center, King Library, Student Affairs, Athletic Affairs, and the Howe Center for Writing Excellence.

In all cases Assistantships in EDL are decided upon in March-April of the previous year.  Contact the Graduate Director or Department Chair to indicate your interest in holding an assistantship.

Appointment to a GA/TA is competitive, and is determined by the Department Chair, in consultation with the Director of Graduate studies and faculty every Spring. GA/TA appointments are not guaranteed every year, and students are reappointed each year based on: the evaluation of their work as a GA the previous year, Departmental needs, Requirement for the student to complete residency requirement or need for the student to have full time enrolment to complete coursework, and the length of time that a student has held a GA/TA (typical appointment for doctoral students is 3 one-year terms.)