Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

The Office of Disability Resources provides resources and reasonable accommodations to students, faculty and staff with disabilities. In order to ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for our students, faculty and staff, ODR may request documentation of the disability from a current physician or specialist to support the accommodation request. This documentation should include information which describes the disability, areas affected, and recommendations for reasonable accommodations. Confidentiality of the information provided to ODR is ensured and will in no way become part of the individual’s academic or employment record.

Appropriate documentation consists of the following information provided by a physician or otherwise qualified professional that outlines:

  • The diagnosis;
  • How the diagnosis may impact the individual;
  • What are the recommended accommodations, if any, that will help the individual perform the essential functions of his or her academic program or employment position;
  • Any other information relevant to promoting an equitable experience for the individual in the University setting.

Documentation forms for ODR for physical, psychological, medical and neurological disabilities are available online at with eligibility requirements, service provisions and other resources. Documentation forms for learning disabilities and/or AD(H)D can be found online at
The individual requesting accommodations will be asked to make an appointment with the Director of ODR, or another ODR staff member, for an intake interview. The intake interview is designed to solicit information from the client regarding the history of accommodation and to promote an interactive process of accommodation. Accommodations are then communicated to the appropriate University staff (i.e., instructional staff, professional staff or supervisor) for implementation.
Depending on the circumstances, there may need to be further interactive dialogue, based upon the essential requirements of the academic program or employment position, as to whether the requested accommodation poses a fundamental alteration of said requirements and/or whether the individual is otherwise qualified. Otherwise qualified, with regard to the individual, means that he or she is capable of performing the essential functions of his or her academic program or employment position with or without reasonable accommodation(s).
For more information, please contact the Director of ODR.