Admission Requirements and Procedures

Admission Requirements

  1. 24-30 hours of completed coursework with a GPA of 2.75 or above
  2. Completion of EDP 201
  3. Completion of OR enrollment in EDP 256 and EDP 220
  4. 100 hours of documented service working with children and/or youth with exceptionalities or who are considered “at-risk” (this may be unpaid OR paid work and may include work completed in JR and SR years of high school)
  5. A one-page essay stating your intent or interest in the field of special education


  • Declare a special education pre-major (if you are not already listed as such)
  • Apply to the cohort (or major) by SEPTEMBER 1
  • Applications are taken only once a year
  • Admission to junior year classes is contingent upon entry to the major the prior year
  • Admission is not guaranteed. In the event of competitive applications, acceptance will be based on the quality of all entrance requirements. In some cases, an interview with the candidate may be required.
  • All applicants will be notified of results within one month of application.

Documenting service hours:

  • Applicant must provide a letter from a supervisor or other person in charge verifying what the applicant did, when, with whom & where this work was done, and the number of hours, including a name, and contact information.
  • Service may be conducted all in one location or in many locations. In the event of more than one location, letters from each location are required.
  • If your work involves supporting a family member, 50% of your hours may come from this source.

Writing the essay:

  • This essay introduces the committee to you and tells us why you want to be an Intervention Specialist, what you believe and what you bring to the major.
  • The essay is scored on both content and writing style.
  • The essay may be single- or double- spaced.

Deadline and Notification

The admission deadlines are in April and September 1 of each year. Our team of faculty review all applications to determine whether and to what extent students have met the criteria listed above. Decisions will be made within approximately two weeks of the deadlines. Decisions are based on those criteria and the designated cohort size for each year. Cohort size is limited and is determined by the number of faculty in our special and general education programs.