Marc Nachowitz

Marc NachowitzAssistant Professor

Office: McGuffey 400J
Office Hours: By appointment only

Degrees: Ph.D., University at Albany
M.A., University of Connecticut
B.S., University of Connecticut

Curriculum Vitae

BioDr. Marc Nachowitz is an Assistant Professor of Literacy in the Secondary Education Program. His prepares future English teachers in constructivist approaches to learning, digital tools, and embracing 21st century skills. His research agenda includes identifying the kinds of writing assignments that are most likely to improve students’ deep understanding of content.

In the News

For Marc Nachowitz the goal of knowledge-transforming literacy is to teach students how to work with knowledge. It’s about learning how to generate ideas and to ask questions, and to challenge, advance, and justify ideas through social dialogue. 

Are Students Being Prepared to Thrive in a Knowledge Economy?