Science Education

Want to be the teacher who inspires the next Einstein? Miami University’s Teacher Education department prepares future science teachers who have a developing passion for the skill and art of teaching, a commitment to educational equity, and a heart for students. Our students enjoy the benefits of a cohort-based approach to teaching methods and pedagogy, along intensive content preparation in your area of science. We also provide courses that teach you how to teach students with special needs.

Course Requirements

Advantages of Miami University’s Science Education Programs:

  • The program is designed for you to complete in 4 years. You will have your teaching license at the end of your program and will be prepared to immediately enter the field of education.
  • You will receive the personal attention that Miami is known for through the benefit of small classes, and the opportunity to interact with faculty inside and outside of the classroom.
  • An intense, practice-based curriculum where you gain extensive field observations and 16-weeks of practice-based learning in student teaching.
  • A strong emphasis on content and the opportunity to double major – most science education majors also complete a second major in science content.
  • Preparation to teach all types of learners in your classroom. Additional opportunities are available to get an even more in-depth understanding--including a TELLs Teaching English Language Learners certificate  and a minor in Special Education.
  • Technology integration not only enhances our students' learning experiences on campus, but also provides opportunities to implement strategies in the field classrooms. TeachLive, etutoring, and Project Backpack are some of the innovative technology tools our students use.
  • An award-winning Urban Teaching Cohort program that allows you to specialize in teaching children and youth in urban school settings.
  • Our program is not only focused on education in the United States, but also provides numerous international opportunities that inspire global engagement.

Program Admission and Licensure Information

Students declare a pre-major in a Teacher Education program at the time of university admission or as soon as possible. After meeting the criteria of acceptance, students apply for a cohort—a group of students selected to experience methods courses and field experiences together.

The AYA Science programs can lead to seven different licenses:

  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Chemistry and Life Science
  • Chemistry and Earth Science
  • Life Science and Earth Science

Miami's Department of Teacher Education is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. While Miami participates in licensure of teachers through an interstate agreement, if you are planning to teach in another state, you should contact that state's certification office so you can apply for certification or licensure in that state.