Richelle Frabotta

Richelle FrabottaInstructor/ Coordinator of the Sexuality Education Studies Center 

McGuffey 127G 101E

Curriculum Vitae


Academic Background

Miami University - Oxford, Ohio 2014 - present
Educational Leadership Ph.D. student program: Leadership, Culture, and Curriculum dissertation: Exploring Pre-Service Teacher Preparedness for Sex/ual/ity Education after the Age of Abstinence-Only Until Marriage and Pregnancy, STI Prevention Programming

University of Dayton - Dayton, Ohio 1994 - 1996
Master of Science in Education M.S.Ed. program: Social Agency Counseling

Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio 1985 - 1989
Bachelor of Arts in Communication B.A.C. major: Interpersonal and Public Communication minor: Women's Studies minor: Ethnic Studies

Professional Experience

Sexuality Education services --best practices teaching, 1:1, training, workshops, evidence-informed curriculum writing, strategic planning, program development, publications-- for 28+ years in communitybased organizations (non-profit, government) and higher ed

Honor, Awards & Grants

2010 – 15, 2017 - 19 Teachers at Miami University, CELTUA Top 100 Faculty Commendation
2012 – 2019 Miami University, Faculty Commendation from Graduating Seniors
2016 American Assoc. of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists Sexuality Educator of the Year 2013 Miami University Campus Activities Council Global Fusion Lavatus Powell Diversity Award


Richelle's time at Miami University began in 2009 in the Family Science & Social Work department. She continues to teach courses and now coordinates the Dennis L. Carlson Sexuality Education Studies Center (SESC). SESC partners with campus, local, and national entities to provide critically informed sexuality education pedagogy and praxis that is research supported, evidence-based, culturally aware, medically accurate, chronologically and developmentally relevant, and encouraging of personal agency for discourse, access, and ownership of sexual health and wellness and pleasure. Richelle has been a professional community-based Sexuality Educator since 1992 when she was employed at Planned Parenthood (Dayton, Ohio). She also worked at an original social hygiene non-profit in Cincinnati, Social Health Education. First certified as a Sexuality Educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educator Counselors and Therapists in 1996, she is also a Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor since its inception in 2014. She teaches a multitude of subjects that are human sexuality in various venues: 4th – 12th graders, higher education institutions, public, private and non-profit organizations, faith communities, alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, jails…anywhere she is invited…for a cumulative number of students in the tens of thousands. Richelle provides sexuality education services to many populations and has longhistory of focusing on those who have been marginalized such as folx with disabilities, LGBTQ+ identities, and "at risk" adolescents. Richelle finds great value in mentoring students and training colleagues in sexuality education pedagogy, praxis, and best practices. All educational services are grounded in ethics and forefront social justice. Richelle never forgets that teaching also means learning.


FSW 365 Family Life Sexuality Education
FSW 481 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families
FSW 477/577 Independent Study
FSW 466 Adulthood and Aging

SESC in the News

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We’ve all heard the phrase: Sex sells. And while that may be true, it also creates controversy. But for all the attention this subject commands, it is surprising how little we actually understand it. Sexuality is not something many people are comfortable speaking about openly. But Richelle Frabotta is not one of them.

As one of the few certified sexuality educators in the country, she teaches openly and frankly from a sex-positive perspective about what have traditionally been very challenging issues. She is also at the forefront of the new Sexuality Education Studies Center here at Miami, and in this podcast episode, she talks about the importance of sexuality education, and much more.

Being Open and Honest About Sexuality (Part 2)- with Richelle Frabotta

In this podcast episode, we explore the complex subject of human sexuality, as well as why it’s still so challenging for educators to provide a proper sexuality education. And so, we continue our conversation with certified sexuality educator Richelle Frabotta.

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