Field Experience in Dietetics 420G Assignments

  • Reflection paper: Write a reflection paper on what you learned from your experience, what are your strengths and your weaknesses, what do you see as the trends in the dietetics profession and how can you address those challenges in the future?
  • Position Paper: Read a position paper prepared by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and write a one page review of the article, if you need copies of the article see me if you are not a member of the Academy.
  • Bulletin Board: Create a bulletin board display concerning a nutrition topic or current event for the display case in the Dietetics Area in Phillips Hall or at your internship site.
  • Internship Requirements: Follow the Internship Guidelines regarding: attendance log, daily reflection journal, finance or budget sheet of the nutrition department or discuss department budget issues with your preceptor and document in your journal.
  • Job description of health professional you are interested in or who you are working with.
  • Mock Interview: Schedule a mock interview with the Career Services Department on campus. Write a two page critique on your experience.
  • Nutrition Education Lesson: prepare a 15 minute nutrition education lesson specific for the population you are working with. Be sure to include a flyer, bulletin, or custom nutrition education tool that you have designed yourself.
  • Nutrition Education Materials: obtain nutrition education materials from at least three different companies.
  • Research: a topic in nutrition that interests you. Write a 5-6 page research paper explaining the topic, why you are interested in the topic and how, as a professional in dietetics can you address the topic. Cover issues such as background information on the topic, current medical nutrition therapy applications and nutrition education information for the general public of the topic. If hours are divided into two semesters, only one research paper is due. All other assignments are to be completed each semester if hours are split.
  • Attend scheduled meetings.
  • Police background check.
  • Professional Liability Insurance for Students.
  • Annual TB Test
  • Any HIPPA requirements and/or orientations for the preceptor.

Questions, contact:

Gretchen Matuszak, M.S., R.D., L.D.