Undergraduate Field Experience Guidelines - KNH 420

This field experience is a directed practical experience for the student under the guidance of on-site and KNH faculty supervisors.


  • Gain insights into possible career requirements and opportunities
  • Experience typical, practical work situations
  • Provide place-based learning for the application of knowledge gained through course work
  • Encourage relationships that develop professional growth
  • Provide evaluation of his/her strengths and weaknesses to enable further development of competencies
  • Provide opportunities for critical reflection on professional practices

Enrollment and Credit:

Eligibility is determined upon counsel with faculty supervisor. There may be additional eligibility requirements dependent upon your major.

A maximum of 8 credit hours for internship may be used in partial fulfillment of the minimal requirements of the degree. Students may enroll in 1-4 credits of internship per semester. Students shall perform 4 on-site hours per week for each registered credit hour.

In order to meet the Ohio Board of Regents Subsidy deadline, during the academic year the student must complete registration for the class by the end of the first week of classes. During a summer or winter term the student must complete registration by the second day of the summer or winter term.

Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance may be a requirement for selected internships and it is suggested that all students secure such insurance in advance of the internship. Professional organizations in the appropriate field can be contacted for more information.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Procuring field experience opportunity
  • Complete the appropriate forms for registering the field experience
    • KNH form: UG Field Experience Agreement
    • Registrar’s form: Independent Study Permit
  • Both forms are located in the KNH main office
  • Fulfill all assignments, both on-site and course requirements as designated by the faculty supervisor
  • Maintain an hourly attendance log
  • Maintain professional attitude and behavior throughout the field experience

Faculty Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the registration process
  • Plan and confirm field experience assignments
    • (e.g., learning journal, reflective writing)
  • Communicate with on-site supervisor
  • Review hourly attendance log
  • Evaluate intern experience

On-Site Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Introduce the student to the professional patterns of life in the agency or organization
  • Serve as liaison between the professional and academic communities
  • Communicate regularly with the student throughout the structured learning experience
  • Provide organization orientation, training, supervision and evaluation of the student
  • Review hourly attendance log

Refer to the KNH Website for a sample of field experience sites. See www.miamioh.edu/knh; Careers & Internships; Internships. Any potential field experience site can be discussed and acceptability determined with the KNH faculty supervisor.