SLAM Internship Resources

Enrollment is determined upon counsel with a faculty supervisor, (the SLAM program Internship Director). There may be additional eligibility requirements dependent upon your major. Internships can be worth up to 20 semester credit hours. Typically students shall perform 4 on-site hours per week for each registered credit hour in fall and spring semesters. For winter and summer semesters, consult with the faculty supervisor for additional details. Students registered for internship credit will be charged at either the hourly in-state or out-of-state tuition rate per credit hour.

In order to register for credit, after securing and just before the start of your internship, you may request to schedule an internship course registration meeting with the Internship Director for the SLAM program, Ms. T. Marie Strickland:

When seeking internship and other sports-specific job opportunities, the first thing you need to do is reach out to Miami University's Center for Career Exploration & Success so they can help you with the creation of a resume prior to your internship search.

Miami University Career Services

Building Location: 45 Armstrong Center

Office Phone: 513-529-3831

Email Address:



Some places to consider within an hour of Oxford, Ohio are included below. However, these lists are not comprehensive and you are encouraged to conduct your own research on places where you may be able to secure opportunities.

Sports Jobs Search Engines

Miami University Sports Departments

Area Professional Sports Organizations

Area Professional Sports Foundations

Area Professional Sports Camps

Area College Athletic Programs

Area High School Athletic Programs

Area YMCAs

Area Recreation and Outdoor Sports Organizations

Area Sport Tourism and Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB's)