SLAM Internship Resources


SLAM students are encouraged to gain as much practical (e.g., internship) experience as is possible.

If you are a Senior:

  • SLAM majors with Senior status should enroll for KNH 495: Practicum in Sport Leadership and Management.
  • KNH 495 requires a concurrent internship experience that coincides with the class (this is the difference between a practicum and an internship).
  • Students in KNH 495 need a minimum of 120 contact-hours during their enrollment in the course.
  • Many students take KNH 495 online during the summer after their Junior year. The benefit of doing so is that students are not campus-bound (e.g., many students even intern abroad). The cost is that this necessitates summer tuition.

If you are not a Senior:

  • Students who want to earn course credits for internship experiences should visit the KNH front office in Phillips Hall, room 106.
  • Students will be prompted to complete paperwork and will be referred to a faculty supervisor who will administer the credit-for-internship process.

Miami University Career Services

Building Location: 45 Armstrong Center

Office Phone: 513-529-3831

Email Address:



Some places to consider within an hour of Oxford, Ohio are included below. However, these lists are not comprehensive and you are encouraged to conduct your own research on places where you may be able to secure opportunities.

Sports Jobs Search Engines

Miami University Sports Departments

Area Professional Sports Organizations

Area Professional Sports Foundations

Area Professional Sports Camps

Area College Athletic Programs

Area High School Athletic Programs

Area YMCAs

Area Recreation and Outdoor Sports Organizations

Area Sport Tourism and Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB's)