Sport Journalism Concentration

Students in the Sport Journalism concentration complete two Bachelor’s degrees with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health (major in SLAM) and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (major in Journalism). Students should contact the Department of Media, Journalism, and Film for information on their specific requirements in Journalism. (Please note with a major in Journalism students must complete ALL additional College of Arts and Science Global Miami Plan requirements.)


  • All Sport Leadership Core Courses (18 semester hours)
  • KNH 495 Practicum in Sport Leadership & Management (3) (GMP C)
  • STA 261 Statistics (4) (GMPF V)
  • KNH Matrix (9)

Select THREE of these courses: (9 semester hours)

  • KNH 274 Critical Perspectives on the Body (3)
  • KNH 279 African-Americans in Sport (3) (GMPF IIC)
  • KNH 313 Sport Economics and Finance (3)
  • KNH 338 Psychosocial Aspects of Coaching (3)
        OR KNH 438 Principles of Effective Coaching (3)
  • KNH 448 International Perspectives in Sport (3)   {Study Abroad option - see instructor}
  • KNH 453.M Ethics in Sport (3)
  • KNH 475 Women, Gender Relations and Sport (3)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (majoring in Journalism) – all requirements