Sport Media and Communication Concentration

Students in the Sport Media and Communication concentration complete two Bachelor’s degrees with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health (major in SLAM) and a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Culture (major in Media and Culture). Students should contact the Department of Media, Journalism, and Film for information on their specific requirements in Media and Culture. (Please note with a major in Media and Culture students must complete ALL additional College of Arts and Science Global Miami Plan requirements.)


  • All Sport Leadership Core Courses (18 semester hours)
  • KNH 495 Practicum in Sport Leadership & Management (3) (GMP C)
  • STA 261 Statistics (4) (GMPF V)
  • KNH Matrix (9)

Select THREE of these courses: (9 semester hours)

  • KNH 274 Critical Perspectives on the Body (3)
  • KNH 279 African-Americans in Sport (3) (GMPF IIC)
  • KNH 313 Sport Economics and Finance (3)
  • KNH 338 Psychosocial Aspects of Coaching (3)
        OR KNH 438 Principles of Effective Coaching (3)
  • KNH 448 International Perspectives in Sport (3) {Study Abroad option - see instructor}
  • KNH 453.M Ethics in Sport (3)
  • KNH 475 Women, Gender Relations and Sport (3)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Culture (majoring in Media and Culture) – all requirements