Rock climbing
Weight training
Horseback riding

Physical Activity Life Skills

We offer a variety of two credit hour courses that can help change the pace of a student's academic rigor, relieve stress, and provide opportunities to have fun while learning new skills.

Each course counts toward the required hours to graduate and select offerings are available as sprint courses that meet less than the full semester.

Courses Offered

All PALS courses are 2 credit hours.

KNH 120A. Aerobics

KNH 120B. Beginning Badminton

KNH 120C. Individual Exercise

KNH 120E. Self Defense

KNH 120G. Weight Training

KNH 120I. Power Walking for Fitness

KNH 120K. Marathon Training

KNH 120L. Jogging for Health and Fitness

KNH 120M. Triathlon Training

KNH 120N. Nature Fit: Physical Activity in the Great Outdoors

KNH 120T. Beginning T'ai Chi

KNH 130H. Golf

KNH 130I. Intermediate Golf

KNH 130K. Racquetball

KNH 130M. Tennis

KNH 130O. Basic Ice Skating

KNH 130P. Intermediate Ice Skating

KNH 130T. Advanced Ice Skating

KNH 140A. Basketball

KNH 140B. Power Volleyball

KNH 140F. Softball

KNH 140H. Ice Hockey

KNH 140J. Soccer

KNH 140K. Advanced Ice Hockey

KNH 140M. Broomball

KNH 150. Outdoor Pursuit Activities

KNH 150A. Beginning Canoeing

KNH 150B. Beginning Backpacking

KNH 150C. Beginning Rock Climbing

KNH 150E. Beginning Horseback Riding

KNH 150F. Intermediate Horseback Riding

KNH 150H. Advanced Horseback Riding

KNH 150K. Intermediate Rock Climbing

KNH 150M. Mountain Biking

KNH 150N. Beginning Kayaking

Course Descriptions