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Miami University, established in 1809, is a public university located in Oxford, Ohio. With a student body of nearly 19,000, Miami effectively combines a wide range of strong academic programs with the personal attention ordinarily found only at much smaller institutions.

What Our Alumni Say

SAHE was truly a transformative experience. Both personally and professionally, I grew in understanding, character, confidence, and overall ability to serve collegiate students and the world we all inhabit. My time in SAHE certainly was not always smooth with challenging course work, a high-touch assistantship, and an intensive exploration of the self, however, I know that the time and energy that my faculty, my cohort, and my students invested in me, accompanied with my desire for personal growth, have resulted in me being a more prepared, cognizant, and active educator in the field of student affairs.... Read More

Brandon Cash

Brandon Cash
-Residential College Director
Washington University in St. Louis

Being a part of the SAHE program at Miami challenged me in ways that I never knew were possible. The professors in the program invested in me as a student and as a professional. Not only was I able to learn about and critique the various developmental theories that are currently being talked about across the nation, but I was also able to conduct research and apply some of the knowledge that I was getting in the classroom to the research I was conducting... Read More

Ruby Murillo

Ruby Murillo
-Academic Advisor
Inver Hills Community College
(SAHE M.S. Class of 2015)

My time as a member of the SAHE Ph.D. program was nothing short of excellent. I was pushed intellectually, supported in my educational pursuits, and encouraged to find ways to align my values with my current and future practice as a critical educator. The SAHE program also set me up well to be a tenure-track faculty member, which has eased my transition to my new role... Read More

Dr. Z Nicolazzo

Dr. Z. Nicolazzo
-Assistant Professor
University of Arizona
(SAHE Ph.D. Class of 2015)

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