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Student Assurances

At their program orientation prior to the start of classes, students will be asked to sign the following two assurances:

1) I have carefully read and understand the contents outlined in the Miami University School Psychology Student Handbook. I am also aware that if, at any time, I have any questions about the program, curriculum, or my own plan of study that I can seek assistance from my academic advisor, the Coordinator of the School Psychology Program, or the Chair of EDP. I am also aware that this is a dynamic document and that program changes can be put into place throughout the year depending upon need, the best interests of graduate students, and in the best interests of the program. If such revisions are made, I will be given an amended program guide whenever possible and expedient.

2) As part of the Ohio internship training program, Miami University partners with local school districts and the Ohio Department of Education in providing quality preparation of school psychologists. Funding for the internship is provided by the Ohio Department of Education; and upon acceptance of the state’s financial support, interns agree to repay Ohio’s investment by providing school psychological services to Ohio’s learners for a minimum of one year following internship.

Students and the university internship supervisor meet in advance to discuss placement options. If a student is unable to commit in writing to one year of service following internship, an alternative out-of-state placement is considered. If a student accepts an Ohio-supported internship and, as an intern, breaks the one-year commitment, Miami School Psychology faculty will refrain from endorsing the student (i.e., write a letter of recommendation).

I have read and understand this policy for the Ohio Internship in School Psychology.