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School Psychology Credentialing

State Credentialing

At the completion of the second year of study, immediately prior to internship, students receive a temporary pupil personnel certificate that is an initial professional credential and is necessary for employment as an intern school psychologist.

At the successful completion of the intern year, a five-year school psychology license is issued which is necessary for initial employment as a school psychologist. In addition to successful completion of the internship, the candidate must receive a passing score of 147 on the Praxis-II School Psychology exam.

All graduates of the Miami University School Psychology program have exceeded the requirements for OH licensure eligibility.

National Credentialing

The National Association of School Psychologists has created a national credential in school psychology to verify to the public and to state credentialing authorities that those holding this credential have graduated from an approved program and have passed the Praxis-II School Psychology exam.

The National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) designation is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the internship year and have received a score of 147 or above on the Praxis-II exam.

Eligibility for Ohio Licensure for Independent Practice

State and national credentialing provides the opportunity to work as a school psychologist in a variety of educational settings. To pursue independent or private practice in Ohio it is necessary to meet the requirements of the Ohio Board of Psychology. Candidates are eligible for Ohio licensure as a school psychologist if they have four years of successful school experience (this includes the internship year), receive a score of 147 or greater on the Praxis-II School Psychology exam, and successfully pass an oral exam on ethical issues.

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