May SEOH Program News

Summer Courses

The summer SEOH program courses will kick off at our live session meeting on May 14. Our Summer I courses will only meet face to face once. Anyone registered for EDT 646 should note their section of the course. Section A is not taught in our program format, and therefore has meeting times different from section B. 

EDP 591 is offered in Summer II. Anyone who submitted an application to student teach in the spring should also be registered for 591 this summer and 595 this fall. Consult your plan of study, and please call the office with any questions regarding your course selections. Contact the One Stop office if you have any issues regarding registration.

The live session following May 14 will be September 24 when our fall term begins. The 2016-17 course meeting dates are posted on our website. 

May Live Session

We look forward to next Saturday’s Live Session. The May 14 date will not only be the final spring live session, but it will also be the first (and only) live session of the Summer I semester. It’s a busy day for sure, but there are benefits to having a combined term live session. It allows us to eliminate the need for back to back live sessions for current students. It saves our commuters a trip to VOA, and everyone from having another weekend's schedule to manage.

9:00AM–10:00AM, EDP 572
9:00AM–10:00AM, EDP 667
10:15AM–11:15PM, EDP 596
10:15AM–11:15PM, EDP 652
11:30PM–12:45PM, EDP 642
1:00PM–2:00PM, EDT 646
2:15PM–3:15PM, EDT 578
3:30PM–4:30PM, EDT 650B

Given the full day of courses on the 14th, please take advantage of the VOA vending/lounge area. The vending options include beverages and snacks. The vending area also provides refrigeration, microwave and a sink should you wish to bring lunch with you. Attendance is required. Students attending the sessions at VOA must sign in upon arrival.

Teacher/Professional Licensure Information

The Ohio Department of Education insists that applicants wait until all requirements have been met before submitting licensure applications. Applications submitted before all requirements are met will be returned unprocessed.
Upon completion of all program requirements, please visit the Ohio Department of Education for the online application. Licensure applicants will access or create a SAFE account to begin the online application process through My Educator Profile. Once a SAFE account is established, applicants will be able to access My Educator Profile from the ODE CORE link on the SAFE account menu. For on-line application assistance, please contact the Office of Educator Licensure at (614) 466-3593 or toll-free at (877) 644-6338.

Additional information about the licensure assessments may be found online.

  • mcguffey hall
    mcguffey hall

    Department of Educational Psychology

    Our programs of study in Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Special Education, and Instructional Design and Technology provide an integrated perspective on psychological and educational issues, exceptionality/disability studies, and technological issues in learning and instructional design. Our faculty provide rich academic and supportive experiences to facilitate student development of important skill sets.

    Give to EDP201 McGuffey Hall
    Oxford, OH 45056
    513-529-3646 (fax)

    Special Education Online/Hybrid Program

    We're happy to arrange an appointment if you'd like to meet us in person in Oxford or at the Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester. A West Chester visit may include a tour of our live session facilities and a classroom visit.

    Department of Educational Psychology
    210 E. Spring Street
    201 McGuffey Hall