Male student in lab


EHS researchers—whether they're established scholars at the peak of their career or student scholars—have one thing in common. They are all seeking insights into important contemporary issues.

At EHS we address critical issues facing children, schools, health and society. Graduate students and undergrads alike have opportunities to participate with faculty in significant scholarly activities.

Research Opportunities

At many universities and colleges, research and opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty members outside of the classroom are reserved for graduate students. That is not the case at Miami.

EHS offers undergrads many opportunities to participate in meaningful research and promotes a culture that is innovation-oriented. Students engaging in research:

  • establish mentoring relationships and work closely with prominent faculty members,
  • learn more about an area of interest,
  • apply classroom knowledge in a realistic, practical setting,
  • develop critical thinking, creativity, and an understanding of research methodology, and 
  • expand their technical skill set.

As scholarly activity and innovation are highly valued and encouraged here at Miami University, our goal for student research is to greatly enrich the undergraduate experience.

University Summer Scholar Awards

The USS program provides fellowship award totaling $2,600.00 for each student. Each USS selected student also receives a $400.00 allowance for supplies, services, and travel to be used in direct support of the student's project. The USS program covers the cost of tuition for up to six credit hours.