Czech Republic

EHS Summer

Health and Culture in Peru

When: Summer 2018

Credits: KNH 402, KNH 481, SOC 499 (3-6 credit hours)

This trip lasts between 3-4 weeks and involves trekking through the Himalayas. Students will see Mt. Everest and several other 8000+ meter peaks as well as Tlicho lake. Students will learn about Nepali culture will interact with and interview local residents, keep a daily journal and write a final report. Also, students will learn about how the body acclimatizes when at altitude. The course can count as capstone, global experience, or intercultural experience.


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Comparing U.S. and European Schools

Miami students

When: May 2018

Credits: EDT 455

EDT 455, Comparing U.S. and European School Systems,provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates who are planning to enter the teaching profession. It entails a two-week trip to Europe visiting schools in Austria and Luxembourg, with weekend trips to the Alps and Paris or Rome - and satisfies the Miami Plan Capstone requirement. Students will conduct personal observations of European classrooms and engage professionally and personally with European students and educators.  EDT 455 is also well suited for special education and speech pathology majors, and is open to other majors across campus.  


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The Gambia

The Gambia

When: Mid-May 2018 (2 weeks)

Credits: KNH 402 Capstone class

Explore the “smiling coast of Africa” in the Gambia. Visit health related organizations, learn about health services and education, and explore the role of historical events that impact the health of 1.7 million Gambians.

 The trip will include visits to:

  • WHO, UNICEF, Medical Research Clinic,  National Nutrition Agency, Peace Corps
  • Jammah Foundation, Kwinella Clinic, University of the Gambia
  • Banjul Hospital Departments of Physiotherapy and Department of Prosthetics
  • Francis Small Teaching Hospital, St. John’s School for the Deaf.

What you will learn:

  • Major historical and political factors that impact health and health care in the Gambia. 
  • The significance of major local, national, & international actors, and actions impacting health and health care in The Gambia.
  • Social and cultural factors that affect education and health.


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Exploring Creativity and Innovation in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic

When: June 2018

Credits: EDT 377 (3 credit hours)

Envision the stunning beauty of the Czech Republic for a summer experience involving teaching, living part-time with a host family, exploring the landscape, history and culture of this wondrous land. 

This course will provide you with a global experience never to be forgotten. You will be an active participant in the Czech schools assisting students as they learn English. 

You will be engaged in seminars focusing on your teaching as well as being immersed in methods of creativity and innovation as they related to education and/or your major. You will be able to practice these methods in the Czech schools as well as applying them to the art, history and science of this region. 

We will explore Krakow and/or Auschwitz, attend cultural events in Prague and surrounding areas as well as bask in the historical castles that abound in this area.

Dates: May 31-June 23, 2018

Applications due MARCH 1st


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Exploring KNH in Luxembourg

When: Summer 2017

Credits: EDT 255 (6 credit hours)

This 6-credit hour summer workshop will allow students to spend 6 weeks in Europe analyzing the socio-historical participation of African Americans in sport and society in Europe, and exploring ways in which youth sport programs in Europe reflect the social, historical, and political values of the culture within which they are conducted. This workshop will help Kinesiology and Health majors fulfill the "exploring Kinesiology" program requirement, but is also open to other majors across campus to be used as part of a self-designed Thematic Sequence OR to satisfy the MP study abroad requirement. Students will participate in two study tours - one during the first week of the summer session in London and one during the last week of the program in Barcelona. The remainder of the time students will use the Miami University Dolibois Center in Luxembourg as their home base for study.

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Health and Sport in Scandinavia

Credits: KNH 402 (3 credit hours)

This workshop features two of Scandinavia's most popular cities, Copenhagen and Stockholm while focusing academically on the analysis and comparison of Health and Sport in Scandinavia. Students will interact with sporting clubs in both Denmark and Sweden along with attending lectures at the university in Upsala, Sweden. While in Upsala students will also have the opportunity to have lunch with the college students at the university to further interact and gain an understanding of their experience compared to the American experience at university. All academic majors are welcome to participate in the workshop. The workshop may satisfy all or part of capstone or global experience.


Sport, Commerce, and Culture in the Global Marketplace: U.K and Ireland

Miami study abroad

When: Summer 2018

Credits: KNH 499 (6 credit hours)

For the 6-credit course, students will travel to London, England (2 weeks) and Dublin, Ireland (1 week) from May 31, 2018-June 24, 2018 to examine the relationship between sport spaces, cultures, and collectivities of the United Kingdom and Ireland sport industry. While in the UK and Ireland, students are fully immersed in the global and local complexities and relations of the UK and Ireland sport industries. The program will include (a) formal lectures delivered by the primary (and secondary) trip leaders as well as prominent guest scholars from UK and Ireland universities in the field of global sport culture, management, marketing, and media; (b) meetings with executives who outline the workings of the UK and Ireland sport industries, and the ways that global and local forces intersect in and through the organization, structure, and experience of sport culture and the spaces they inhabit; (c) field visits to globally prominent European sport enterprises, such as governing bodies, corporate sponsors, sport media corporations, major venues, and professional teams and; (d) opportunities to participate in European physical cultural practices and experiences such as Gaelic hurling, Olympic road cycling, kayaking, Bubble Soccer, and wheelchair basketball.

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World War I on the Western Front

world war 1 graphic

Location: Ypres, Belgium; Verdun and Paris France May 2018

Course(s): HST 330 OR EDT399 - 3 credit hours

On the occasion of the centenary of the American involvement on the ground during World War 1, this Summer Term course will explore the the major battles leading up to 1918, before focusing on the major U.S. battles during the final year of the conflict. Students participating in this workshop will read and discuss some works about the war, then visit important sites associated with the Western Front, including Ypres, the Somme, Verdun, Belleau Wood, and the Meuse-Argonne. The study tour will end up in Paris for our final two days.

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