Students in Peru

EHS Winter

Community Engagement in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, MexicoMazatlan map

When: Winter Term 2018

Credits: EDT 255

This workshop is being offered to provide study abroad opportunities for EHS majors, Engineering majors as well as other majors across campus. All students would be required to take EDT 225, Family, School, Community Connections, a course that will serve as the foundational course for the travel abroad experience, and will focus on the theory and practice of joining families, communities, and schools to support student learning, development and success in education within the context of Mexican culture. All Engineering students would, in addition to EDT 225, take MME 341, Engineering Economics, which will also be taught through the lens of how to apply the key concepts and principals of the course to the community we will be visiting in Mazatlan, Mexico. Offered during Winter Term, weeks 1 and 3 will be on Miami’s campus and week 2 will be spent in Mazatlan, a Mexican resort town along the Pacific shoreline with beaches and a 10-mile long boardwalk.


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Study Abroad in Iceland


When: Winter Term 2018

Credits: KNH 402, KNH 453 (3 credit hours)

Health and Human Culture in Iceland (KNH 402): In this course we will explore Icelandic culture. Our trip will start in the capitol city of Reykjavik where we will tour the city by bus and by foot (whale museum, national museum, opera house). We will then cross the island on the way visiting volcanoes, lave caves, glaciers, hot springs and hopefully see the northern lights. We will have pre-trip meetings during the Fall semester in which we will all give a presentation on an aspect of Icelandic life. During our trip you will be required to keep a journal and log entries every day and we will have daily group discussions. 


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Winter Term in Belize


When: January Term 2018

Credits: EDP 443, EDT 221 (6 credit hours)

The program will run for two weeks during January 2018 (in Belize), after 2-3 pre-departure sessions next Fall (in Oxford). Students will take EDP 443 (Audiovisual Instruction) and EDT 221 (Teaching English Language Learners). These will help students begin a technology thematic sequence as well as a Teaching English Language Learners (TELLS) Certificate. Other time will be spent volunteering and working in various schools (pre-school, elementary, high, and night schools). Extra curriculars include a trip to the Belize Zoo, snorkeling in the coral reef, exploring the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, and more!

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Olympic Games on a European Stage

The Olympics have a very rich history that began with the Ancient Games (776 BC to 393 AD) and has continued through the Modern Games of the last century (1896 to present). The two courses included in this workshop will provide enrolled students with a unique approach to the study of Europe, its history, its politics, and its diverse cultures through the lens of the European-based Olympic Games. The in-class portion of the workshop will be held on the campus of Miami University's John E. Dolobois European Center in Differdange, Luxembourg. Enrolled students will be housed with host families in and around Differdange, Luxembourg. A study tour to Greece will provide a complement to course activities. The workshop is open to students of all academic majors and can be used by individual students to satisfy one or more of the following: the global Miami Plan requirement, academic major requirements, and the capstone requirement.

Offered by Miami faculty, Thelma Horn and Othello Harris


Health and Sport in Scandinavia

Credits: KNH 402 (3 credit hours)

This workshop features two of Scandinavia's most popular cities, Copenhagen and Stockholm while focusing academically on the analysis and comparison of Health and Sport in Scandinavia. Students will interact with sporting clubs in both Denmark and Sweden along with attending lectures at the university in Upsala, Sweden. While in Upsala students will also have the opportunity to have lunch with the college students at the university to further interact and gain an understanding of their experience compared to the American experience at university. All academic majors are welcome to participate in the workshop. The workshop may satisfy all or part of capstone or global experience.


Sport, Commerce, & Culture in the Global Marketplace: New Zealand

students abroad

Credits: KNH 499 (6 credit hours)

For the 6-credit course, students will travel to five cities (Auckland, Hamilton, Dunedin, Queenstown, and Wellington) from December 31, 2017-January 21, 2018 to examine the structure, organization, and delivery of sport in New Zealand, and its dialectic relationship to broader society. While in New Zealand, students are fully immersed in the global and local complexities and relations of the New Zealand sport industry. The program will visit five cities (Auckland, Hamilton, Dunedin, Queenstown, and Wellington) across three-weeks, and will include: (a) formal lectures delivered by the primary trip leaders as well as prominent guest scholars from New Zealand universities in the field of global sport culture, management, marketing, and media; (b) meetings with executives who outline the workings of the New Zealand sport industry, and the ways that global and local forces intersect in and through the organization, structure, and experience of New Zealand sport culture; (c) site visits to globally prominent New Zealand sport enterprises, such as governing bodies, corporate sponsors, sport media corporations, major venues, and professional teams and; (d) activities to participate in New Zealand physical cultural practices and experiences such as sailing, surfing, street luge carting, and social sport competitions

Offered by Adam Beissel