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Ignite 1.0 Inspires Regional Educators to Embrace the Power of 'What if' . . .
ignite-speakers3x2.pngRobyn Jordan and Ashley Warren are doctoral/graduate students in the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami University. On October 3rd, they were two of the twelve educators who presented at an event called “Ignite 1.0” hosted by Middletown City School District.
Reframe Podcast: Episode 42
nachowitz-quote-1-3x2.pngAre Students Prepared to Thrive in a Knowledge Economy?
Brukel, A Game Created by Miami Professor Bob De Schutter, Wins Runner-Up at Meaningful Play 2018
brukel.jpgAn early version of Brukel, a new game created by Bob De Schutter, was named as the runner-up for the Best Digital Game Award at Meaningful Play 2018.
Dr. Brian Schultz Authors New Book in the Teaching for Social Justice Series
brian-schultz-new-book.jpgBrian Schultz, professor of teacher education, authored a new book titled “Spectacular Things Happen Along the Way: Lessons from an Urban Classroom”
An Expert Speaks Openly and Honestly About Sex
richelle-expert-2-3x2.pngAs one of the few educators in the United States certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists, Richelle Frabotta teaches openly and honestly from a sex-positive perspective about what are often very challenging issues.
Emily Wright, M.S. '17 Announced as Winner of the 2018 AASP Masters Thesis Award
emily-wright-headshot3x2-3.pngEmily Wright, M.S. '17 won the 2018 Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Master’s Thesis Award.
Students Across Campus Collaborate to Role Play Evaluation Team Report Meeting
etr-1-3x2.pngStudents collaborate in an authentic simulation of an Evaluation Team Report (ETR). Their job is to share their collective insights and assessments to determine if a fictional 7th-grade student named “Ann” is eligible for special education.
Reframe Podcast: Episode 41
richelle-lecture-2-3x2.pngBeing Open and Honest About Sexuality (Part 2)
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