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Valerie Ubbes is persistent in helping others share health education
Valerie Ubbes has made it her mission to improve health literacy, a passion that began in 1995.
Educator of the Year Helps Students with Disabilities Gain Unmatched Experiences
Evan Theobald, Special Education teacher and alum as well as member of the Miami Tribe, was named Educator of the Year by the Jackson, Missouri Chamber of Commerce
Brian Schultz on Hamilton City tour for Miami students and faculty and, March 16 (subscription may be required)
Hate math? Professors tackle arithmophobia with innovation
Professors like Dana Cox are changing the way math is taught to improve students' relationship with the subject. Photo by Scott KissellAt the Southeastern Correctional Institution in Lancaster, Ohio, inmates lined up eagerly at the door. It was 1992 and the students arrived before their instructor, Todd Edwards, to fractions class.
Reframe Podcast: Episode 52
How Autism Affects Family Life
Bob de Schutter on the increased demographic market among older gamers
Game, March 5 (subscription may be required)
Critical Literacy Helps Students Appreciate Multiple Perspectives
Miami University Assistant Professor, Katherine Batchelor, uses critical literacy to help future teachers design more inclusive and culturally relevant lessons.
March SEOH News
Check out this month's news for notes about March's live session, information regarding an upcoming campus lecture event, an exciting announcement of a brand new student teaching scholarship, preparation for the spring teacher job fair and gaining assurances for completing literacy coursework.
Protection of Vulnerable Seniors a Growing Challenge in Ohio, February 24, 2019 (subscription may be required)