Degree Audit Report (DAR)

Your DAR is an interactive, real-time document that matches the courses you have taken (or are registered for) with your degree requirements, based on your major, to keep you on track for graduating in a timely fashion. It tells you the requirements you have completed, the requirements that you still need to complete, and how much progress you have made thus far.

How do I get to my DAR?

To access your DAR, follow these steps:

  1. Go to myMiami and log in using your Unique ID and MUnet password
  2. Once you have logged in you will see a link on the left top side of the page for BannerWeb. Click on the link to enter BannerWeb
  3. Select “Student Services and Financial Aid"
  4. Select "Student Records"
  5. Select “Degree Audit”
  6. Select “Submit an Audit”
  7. Select “Run Audit”
  8. Select “View Audit”
  9. Select “Refresh the List” to see all audits (may need to refresh more than once)
  10. Click on your major. If you have more than one major you will have a DAR for each.

You may also request a DAR at the One Stop located in the Campus Avenue Building (CAB); a picture I.D. is required.

How do I read my DAR?

The use of color-coding and symbols will help you read your DAR:

  • When a requirement is fulfilled or In Progress (IP), the text and a ✓will be GREEN.
  • When the requirement is NOT fulfilled, the text and a ✕ will be RED.
  • Within each section, the +(plus) symbol indicates a requirement completed and the -(minus) symbol indicates a requirement not yet completed.

If you would like to see all of your information, click on Open All Sections. Use the Printer-Friendly version for a paper copy. Your DAR is divided into several sections, and each person’s DAR is different depending on the specific degree you are completing