Our Team

Faculty Advisor 

Dr. Denise Baszile 

Student Advisor

Tiffany J. Williams

Email: willi547@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Tiffany J. Williams is the EHS Ambassadors Advisor in the College of Education, Health and Society and doctoral student & teaching assistant in the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami University​​. In these roles, she has created numerous opportunities for fellow graduate and undergraduate students to cultivate strong relationships with Miami University faculty, staff, and administrators that foster change through diversity initiatives by create a creative, supportive, and inclusive community. She is engaged in research with Black Women and girls focusing on Curriculum Studies and Black Feminisms, and the dynamic relationship between race, gender and curriculum. Her current research focuses on exploring relationships between race, class and gender using Black Feminisms, Critical Race Theory, Critical Race Feminist Currere (CFRC), and Educational Curriculum inside and outside of schooling. She also is interested in how African Americans use religions and spirituality to engage in social justice and community building and environmental sustainability.


Jenna Odom

Email: odomjt@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Third year undergrad pursuing a dual degree in Integrated Mathematics Education and Mathematics.
I come from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA and I had always believed that I would go to college near there. A friend encouraged me to visit Miami my junior year and I was blown away! I realized that Miami was not only a great college, but it was my future home. Since coming here, I have been even more amazed at what a perfect fit it is for me!


Maria Kahn

Email: kahnmj2@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Third year undergrad pursuing a dual degree in Integrated Social Studies Education and History.
After I was accepted to Miami I visited the campus with my parents, and even though the weather was pretty gross outside the campus could not have of looked more beautiful. That day I was mesmerized not only by the campus, but by the people that I met. The people that have become my friends and I've gotten to work with are the reason why I am still here.

Inreach Chairperson 

Cassie Campbell

Email: campbe75@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Second year undergrad pursing a dual degree in Integrated Mathematics Education and Mathematics with a minor in Creative Writing.
Being from out of state, it was important to me that I felt a sense of home and community wherever I ended up attending college because I was going to be so far away from my family. I immediately felt like Miami was the place for me and that feeling has only grown as I have made more personal and professional connections on campus. 

Outreach Chairperson

Caroline Saldivar

Email: saldivce@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Second year undergrad pursuing a Middle Childhood Education degree with concentrations in English Language Arts and Social Studies with a minor in History. 
From the moment I stepped onto Miami’s campus, I knew this was a place I could see myself calling home for the next stage of my life. After getting accepted, there was little I could do to not think about the beautiful brick, the smiling faces, and the resources I would have as an education major at Miami. I was quick to call Oxford home, and after getting involved on campus and joining a sorority I knew I didn’t want to leave. 

Media and Marketing Chairperson 

Mace Adams

Email: adamsmt@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: First year undergrad majoring in Kinesiology. 
I was accepted into every school I applied for but didn't really know which University was right for me until I visited Miami. From it's beautiful campus, strong academic prestige, and various amounts of clubs and organizations to join, the choice was obvious to me. So far, my experience has been everything I could ask for and I am confident that I made the right decision for my future!

Athletes, Fraternities, & Sororities Chairperson

Elisa Iglesia

Email: iglesieg@MiamiOH.edu 

Bio: Second year undergrad pursuing a Double Major in Kinesiology and Nutrition with Pre-Med Co-major.
Coming from out of state, I was worried about not knowing anyone, but once I got to campus and met other students I felt right at home. I have made lifelong friends and am extremely involved all over campus.

Tours Chairperson

Kylea Royal

Email: royalks@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Third year undergrad pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.
I applied to Miami due to their outstanding education program. From the moment I was accepted, I felt that Miami wanted me on campus more than any other school I was accepted to due to all of the opportunities they provided. Pursuing these opportunities (such as membership of EHS Ambassadors) has made for an incredible experience here. My Miami friends have become my family as Miami has become my home.


Audrey Hoffmeister

Email: hoffmea@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Second year undergrad Kinesiology student; on track to pursue Physical Therapy after undergrad.
Miami caught my eye with its beauty at first, but it has since captured and expanded my mind as well. I consider myself lucky to be at a school where the academic challenges are met with unending support from professors and friends.