Your personalized career development begins on day one and continues until graduation. Work with the Center for Career Exploration and Success (CCES) to explore your skills, interests, abilities, values and knowledge of the world of work to confirm your career interests.

  • Complete career assessments
  • Learn about Career Clusters (declare/update your Career Cluster(s) in your Handshake profile)
  • Explore Graduate School options

There are easy ways to prepare for your future career on your own.

  • Set up a job shadow
  • Request an informational interview
  • Connect with alumni and network
  • Read articles pertaining to your career interests

Meet with your Career Advisor to further your experiences.

  • Receive specialized information based on your chosen Career Clusters
  • Get introduced to jobs and experiences you may not have otherwiser considered
  • Outline your unique career journey based on your goals and interests

Success Starts with a Plan

We want you to think about your career planning early and often, which is why we created the “Success Starts with a Plan” initiative. Complete three specified tasks during your first year to launch a successful career journey. You will receive emails updating and outlining your progress.

Center for Career Exploration and Success. Success Starts with a Plan. Develop Resume. Complete Handshake Profile. Engage with the Career Center.