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Job Search Checklist

Each student’s job search is different. Some will find the Center for Career Exploration & Success’ career fairs, Handshake postings, and on-campus recruiting an important part of their search. Others will need to develop an individualized search directed towards employers and organizations that do not recruit at Miami but may be interested in hiring Miami students. We encourage you to meet with a Career Advisor and develop your job search strategy. Whatever your strategy, the Center for Career Exploration & Success has an abundance of resources that are easily accessible on our website.

Presented below is a job search checklist designed to help graduating Miami students organize and conduct an effective job search. For December graduates, the amount of time allotted to job search activities will be compressed. August graduates may expand the timetable. Used in conjunction with our online resources, workshops, individual career advising appointments, and other services, this checklist will help you plan and conduct an effective job search. For additional information about the Center for Career Exploration & Success, please refer to our website.

Fall Semester

  • Develop and finalize a resume and basic cover letter for use in your job search. Bring your resume in during Resume Drop-In Hours for a critique by one of our Career Assistants.

  • Review and update your Handshake profile, including an updated resume.

  • If you have not already attended a Basic Interviewing Skills program, check our program schedule for dates. Anyone who intends to interview on campus or participate in a mock interview must attend one of these programs during your time at Miami.
  • Attend one or several of our Communicating Your Skills workshops, including Resume Workshops, Cover Letter Workshops, and Resumes and LinkedIn.
  • Develop a list of professional references, confirm their willingness to be a reference and provide them with a copy of your resume, and, if appropriate, a copy of your customized cover letter and a job description.
  • Schedule a career advising appointment to review your resume and cover letter, and to discuss and plan your job search. Appointments with your Career Advisor can be made online through Handshake.
  • Schedule a mock interview with the Center for Career Exploration & Success. Complete the Telling Your Story workbook prior to your mock interview in order to practice articulating your skills, abilities and knowledge.
  • Attend one of our Career Fair Training Sessions to prepare for the fall Career Fair. Programs are listed under “Programs” on the Center for Career Exploration & Success website.
  • Attend Fall Career Fair at Millett Hall held annually in September. Research the employers attending, the jobs they offer, and the majors they recruit. Many recruit all majors.
  • Participate in Interview Day at Millett Hall the day after Fall Career Fair.
  • Attend LinkedIn 101 if you need help crafting your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Research potential employers specific to your area(s) of interest. Use the Center for Career Exploration & Success' website “Internship and Job Search” to help you identify employers and other online job search resources.
  • In addition to networking via social media, network using your faculty, family, former employers and friends to inform them of your career interests and gain valuable career and job search advice.
  • Begin making direct contact with potential employers. Send customized cover letters and resumes to the appropriate hiring managers. Use names received from your network, LinkedIn, or online resources.
  • Follow up with potential employers by telephone and e-mail to discuss your interest in the position and a possible interview.
  • Send e-mail thank you notes and/ or handwritten thank you notes immediately following each interview.
  • Download the Center for Career Exploration & Success’ App.
  • Regularly check Handshake for your on-campus interview opportunities, set up automatic job alerts, and to research employers.

Winter Term

  • Continue to research, network and inform contacts of your job search plans.
  • Continue to set up informational interviews.
  • Update all documents and profiles, including: LinkedIn, Handshake, your resume, and cover letters to include new skills or positions from the Fall semester.

Spring Term

  • Review the steps listed under Fall Semester and update your Handshake account and revise your resume if necessary.
  • Continue to interview on and off campus and attend Career Center workshops and programs.
  • Attend the Spring Career Fair.
  • Follow up with contacts made at Spring Career Fair and request interviews when appropriate.
  • Maintain contact with your network for possible job leads and continue to make direct contact with additional employers.
  • Regularly check Handshake for your on-campus interview opportunities.
  • Arrange an advising appointment to discuss additional job search strategies and questions.
  • TIP: Spring Break is a good time to schedule off-campus interviews.
  • Continue to review major/field specific websites for potential job openings.
  • Evaluate job offers and notify the Center for Career Exploration & Success once you have accepted your best fitting job. For more information on how to evaluate a job offer, refer to the Center for Career Exploration & Success' Job Search Strategies guide.
  • Once you have accepted a job, thank and inform your references, support network, and any employers who may have extended a job offer. 
  • If still available for employment upon graduation: our career counseling and advising appointments are open to alumni who have graduated from Miami within the last 12 months. For those who are further along in their career and searching for employment or contemplating a career change, our Online Career Resources are available to assist you in your search.
  • Continue to network and make direct contact with employers.