Student speaking to employer at Career Fair Student speaking to employer at Career Fair

Acceptance and Declination Letter

Job Offer Acceptance

123 Sorority Row
Oxford, OH 45056
May 15, 20XX

Ms. Susan S. Speedy
Personnel Manager
Fast-Track, Inc.
1262 Grover Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44111

Dear Ms. Speedy:

I want to thank you and Mr. Profit for giving me the opportunity to work with Fast-Track,
Inc. I am very pleased to accept the position as a Sales Trainee with your Columbus
office. The position requires exactly the kind of work I want to do, and I know I will do a
good job for you.

As we discussed, I shall begin work on July 1, 20XX. In the meantime, I will complete
all the necessary employment forms, obtain the required physical examination and
locate housing. I plan to be in Cleveland within the next two weeks and would like to
deliver the paperwork to you personally. At that time, we can handle any remaining items
pertaining to my employment. I will call next week to schedule an appointment with you.

I enjoyed my interviews with you and Mr. Profit and look forward to beginning my career
with your sales team.

Very truly yours,

Linda J. Laws

Job Offer Declination 

123 Sorority Row
Oxford, OH 45056
April 1, 20XX

Ms. Alice R. Temple
Employee Relations Manager
The Whatsit Company
412 Grandview Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43701

Dear Ms. Temple:

It was indeed a pleasure meeting with you and your sales staff last week to discuss your
needs for a regional Whatsit sales representative. Your decision to offer me a position as
a sales trainee earlier this week came as a pleasant surprise. However, at this time I am
unable to accept your offer of employment.

As I discussed with you during our meeting, I believe one purpose of the plant visit is
to explore areas of mutual interest and to assess the fit between the individual and the
position. After careful consideration, I have realized that your emphasis on international
sales would conflict with my family responsibilities. Consequently, our mutual interests
would not be served by an international position at this time.

Should a domestic sales position within The Whatsit Company become available, I would
be pleased to be among those considered for the opening. You have a fine operation, and
I would enjoy being a part of it.

Best wishes in your search.

Yours truly,

Linda J. Laws