Student Employment as a Vehicle for Gaining Experience

For students looking to acquire more of the skills employers are looking for, on-campus student employment is a great option. These high-impact jobs often support the growth of skills such as critical thinking, the ability to work in a team, communication, and problem solving. Employers often value these work experiences just as much as they do a formal internship because they recognize the valuable skill-sets that come with being a student employee. 

If your student is looking for a good way to earn some extra money and build his or her resume, on-campus employment is an extremely good way to do those things. Whether it is in Campus Dining, the Rec Center, or some other department on campus, your student is likely to gain valuable experience to support his or her future pursuits.

Some students struggle to understand how impressive and valuable student employment can be in a resume or interview. The Center for Career Exploration & Success has resources available to help students who work on campus communicate their experiences in ways that employers will find meaningful. Through resume reviews with a Career Assistant, students can identify ways to strategically communicate their experience as a student employee on a resume. A mock interview can prepare students to verbally communicate the experiences they had as a student employee in an interview.