Direct Deposit

Faculty, Staff, Students

Miami faculty, staff, and students who wish to be paid as a vendor may set up direct deposit through Accounts Payable.

To set up with direct deposit through Accounts Payable, log into BannerWeb and do the following:

  1. Select Personal Information.
  2. Select Direct Deposit Information.
  3. Select Update Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Allocation.
  4. Add/make changes as appropriate.
  5. Save the direct deposit information you submitted.

Please note: Accounts Payable direct deposit payments differs from direct deposit for payroll and the Bursar.

Non-Miami Individuals

Anyone not currently affiliated with the University can fill out an ACH Direct Deposit form to be set up with Direct Deposit through Accounts Payable. 

Need help?

Email us or call (513-529-9200).