Declining Balance Cardholder Agreement

Procedures for using the declining balance credit card are as follows:

  • Declining Balance credit cards must be requested at least 14 days prior to the date needed
  • The Declining Balance credit card is designed to facilitate and expedite the purchase of goods and services for your Miami University Workshop. No personal purchases are to be made with the credit card.
  • You are responsible for documenting your travel expense by submitting your ORIGINAL receipts, Currency Conversion receipts, and Workshop Log to Global Initiatives
  • 30 Days after travel end date – Workshop Log/Receipts Due & Unspent Funds Returned
  • 60 Days after travel end date – Formal Periodic Statement issued if receipts/unspent funds are not received
  • 90 days after travel end date – Notice to the employee that any non-documented amount or unreturned amount will be submitted to Payroll for inclusion as additional income. Any future credit cards will not be issued.

Any remaining funds can be:

  • Returned to the Accounts Payable Office (107 Roudebush Hall) in the form of a check payable to Miami University.
  • Any cash can be deposited at PNC (Shriver Center location) along with the Treasury Services online form.
  • Return the credit card with the outstanding balance to Accounts Payable

If the card is lost, misplaced, or stolen, the cardholder is responsible for informing the Accounts Payable Office (513) 529-9200 and JP Morgan Chase Bank (800) 270-7760 as soon as possible.