Students - To earn one hour of credit for your internship, you MUST:

  • Be a Farmer School of Business student.
  • Complete 55 credit hours prior to the internship.
  • Find a sponsoring faculty member before the internship begins.
  • Send a letter of completion to the faculty supervisor that records the start and end dates of the internship and the average number of hours worked per week.
  • Secure from the employer an evaluation which is sent to the faculty supervisor.
  • Write a reflection paper about the internship experience that includes: (i) a description of your usual activities on the internship, and in particular whether the activities were narrowly focused or more cross functional; (ii) a description of business principles actually applied during the internship; and (iii) a description of new business principles applied or learned on the internship. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your sponsoring faculty member can attach requirements above and beyond this minimum set of expectations.

Required steps to apply and enroll in the program:

1. Access the online application here maintained by the Office of Global Initiatives.

This will take you to the online brochure for the program, including specific information about the program, such as fees and general description of the program. The StudioAbroad website allows for faculty-led study away programs, student organizations traveling off-campus, and individual students traveling off-campus for curricular and co-curricular travel to register their travel. This is required by the University for off-campus workshops and strongly encouraged for all other activities. In the case of Professional Practice, StudioAbroad is utilized to track student participation for risk management purposes.

2. Select Apply Now to begin the application and enrollment process.

a. You will be asked if you are a Miami student – select yes. You will then log in using your Miami unique id and password.

3. You will find a list of materials that need to be completed. These items must be completed before the Office of Global Initiatives will accept your course registration form and tuition.

  • Application Questionnaires - This includes basic information about your internship.
  • Signature Documents - View and digitally sign each of these documents to indicate your agreement and understanding.
  • Professional Practice Internship Agreement - Print and complete this form and have it signed by your sponsoring faculty member. The signed original or signed digital copy must be submitted to Megan Langhals (megan.langhals@miamioh.edu; FSB 3075) no later than 5 pm, May 1, 2017.

4. Once these have been completed, and your participation has been approved, you will be ‘Accepted’ via the website. Additional tasks will become available and accessible on the website, and must be completed prior to your internship.

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Medical Authorization and Medical Questionnaire
  • Complete the Course Registration. A link to register will be provided, and one credit hour will be charged to your bursar bill.

If you have any questions about the StudioAbroad system, Application Questionnaires or Signature Documents, please contact Erin Brandyberry, Global Programs Manager, Office of Global Initiatives, at erin.brandyberry@miamioh.edu. The information provided above is used strictly for risk management purposes.

This workshop can only be taken credit/no credit.

FACULTY – By sponsoring a summer internship workshop with a student, you agree to:

  • Meet with the student before the start of the internship to develop specific expectations about the nature of the work that will be required in order to earn one hour of credit.
  • Communicate with and advise the student during the internship.
  • Meet with the student after the completion of the internship.
  • Review the student’s reflection paper (and any additional work).
  • Complete the Professional Practice Internship Agreement (mentioned above) with the student and return the original or digital copy to Megan Langhals (megan.langhals@miamioh.edu; FSB 3075) no later than 5 PM, May 1, 2017.
  • Complete this form to be paid with the following information:
  • Enter your personal information.
  • In This Special Assignment: Title enter "Workshop Instructor."
  • In Description/Duties enter a brief description of duties performed as the faculty sponsor and include beginning and end dates these duties were performed.
  • In Location of work performed check "Oxford."
  • In Position Type check "other and enter "$150 flat rate".
  • In Banner: enter Index Number (BUS216) and $150 as the amount.
  • In Section (B) 2. Other Rate enter “$150 flat rate” and for Total Salary enter $150 per student sponsored.
  • Print out the form and get the signature of your Chair and forward to Rebekah Keasling.

Notes on Grades and Closing the Process

  • After reviewing the paper(s), faculty should send an e-mail to Megan Langhals (megan.langhals@miamioh.edu) with the names of all students sponsored, their final grade (credit/no credit), and a digital copy of the final paper(s). This information needs to be submitted the day before the last summer session term grades are due. (8/5/17)
  • Grades will be submitted out of the Dean’s Office.