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EY Undergraduate Teacher-Scholar Program

With support from EY, one student per year is chosen to work with distinguished professors on an interesting topic, with the end goal of having a published academic paper at the end of the experience. Students attend conferences and conduct primary and secondary research. Through interactions with recruiters and key players at EY, students have gone on to secure internships and jobs thanks to this experience. Previous projects have had various scopes, including investigations of corporate fraud and research about the current state of cyber security in the U.S.


Dr. Tim Eaton, (513) 529-2132, eatont@MiamiOH.edu

Center for Business Leadership (CBL)

The William Isaac and Michael Oxley Center for Business Leadership engages and challenges tomorrow’s adaptive leaders through innovative core programming to develop graduates equipped to lead tomorrow’s best organizations. The Center focuses on values-based leadership, which embraces authenticity and inclusivity, to create a holistic, integrative, practical, relationship-based business leadership approach.

Student Fellows

Student Fellows are vital to the work environment at the Center for Business Leadership. They work with faculty, professionals and peers to pursue innovative, interdisciplinary activities focused on creating and sustaining long-term value for organizations. They organize conferences, meet with executives and set up events for the Center.


Brian Ballou (513) 529-6213 balloubj@MiamiOH.edu

Megan Gerhardt (513) 529-4235 gerharmm@MiamiOH.edu

Dan Heitger (513) 529-6208 heitgedl@MiamiOH.edu

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Case Competition

The PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Case Competition requires teams of students to solve hypothetical problems relating to either tax or accounting policies. The xTax or xAct Challenges give students a chance to research a real-world business policy issue and develop critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills.


Dr. Po-Chang Chen, (513) 529-2261, chenpo@MiamiOH.edu

Deloitte Case Competitions

The Deloitte Case Competitions involves students working in teams to develop solutions to current accounting, taxation, and auditing issues. Students work with faculty and professional advisors to research an issue, propose a solution and prepare a presentation that will be judged by a panel of professional accountants.


Audit Innovation Case: Dr. Jonathan Pyzoha, (513) 529-3913, pyzohajs@MiamiOH.edu

Deloitte FanTAXtic Program: Dr. Michele Frank, (513) 529-3970, frankm@miamioh.edu

Textron Case Competition

Textron Aviation's case focuses on the reviewing of Textron Aviation’s financial statements and making recommendations to improve their business. Student teams work with Miami mentors and Textron professionals to create their solution. Students will present their recommendations to leadership and staff from Textron Aviation.


Amanda Pyzoha (513) 529-3372 shickar@miamioh.edu

Douglas Millett Forensic Accounting Case Competition

Student teams of senior-level accounting students complete a forensic accounting case that focuses on fraud prevention, detection, and/or investigation. Students will present their recommendations to a panel of forensic accountants. Students are encouraged, but not required to take ACC 490A: Fraud Examination during the Winter Term before the competition period that early in the spring semester. Junior-level accounting students can compete in the competition with permission of the faculty advisor (listed below). The following cash prizes will be awarded: $4,500 for the first place team, $2,000 for the second place team, and $1,000 each for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place teams.


Dr. Jonathan Grenier, (513) 529-2013, greniejh@MiamiOH.edu

Accountancy Travel Program

The goal of the Accountancy Travel Program is to acquaint the students with financial reporting and tax policy and allow them to meet with legislators, regulators, policy makers and other professionals in the accounting field in order to broaden their experiences outside the traditional classroom. Students visit key organizations in their field. The Winter 2019 program included trips to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants, the Securities Exchange Commission, The Clearing House and NASDAQ.


Amanda Pyzoha (513) 529-3372 shickar@miamioh.edu