Hands-On Learning

George Davis teaches Economics 301
Mark Tremblay writing on a whiteboard
A description of the upcoming class on a laptop screen
 Students sit in Taylor Auditorium for a class
Students staff a Women in Economics table at Meet the B-Orgs

Economic Consulting

The Economic Consulting class is designed to teach students skills used by professional economic consultants. Students perform an economic analysis for a real client, using real data provided by the client. Particular skills emphasized and strengthened in the course include work planning, data visualization, business writing and professional presentation.

Economics of Education

With the Economics of Education class, students have the option to participate in a program as volunteers at a charter school in Hamilton that serves mostly disadvantaged children. They attend an orientation and then volunteer once a week as tutors for the school; the project culminates in a class presentation that connects students’ personal experience to the academic literature.


Dr. Deborah Fletcher (513) 529-4937 fletchd@MiamiOH.edu

Department Opportunities

The department offers numerous opportunities to gain professional experience in the economics field. The writing of Honors papers allows students to gain real academic experience by researching, producing and then presenting professional, scholarly written work to a faculty and student audience. In addition, Economics graduate students have the opportunity to conduct research within the community at large and add to the general economics discourse.


Dr. George Davis (513) 529-2836 davisgk@MiamiOH.edu