First-Year Integrated Core
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Faculty member giving presentation on serving our communities
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President Gregory Crawford speaks at the inaugural festivities for the FYIC program in 2016
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Faculty Spotlight Archive

Meet Our BUS102 Faculty!

This week offers the unique opportunity to get an inside look at our BUS102 faculty. In the video below, they talk about their respective backgrounds, Business Communications learning outcomes, and advice for current and future Farmer School of Business Students. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of faculty teaching in the First Year Integrated Core and their insights below highlight their passion for engaging students both inside and outside of the classroom.

BUS102, the Foundations of Business Communications, highlight the importance of both strong written and verbal skills in the business world. From writing resumes and cover letters to writing individual research reports and collaborating with teams in creating presentations, 102 seeks to provide a well-rounded opportunity for stepping out into a robust and ever-changing business landscape. The course emphasizes the importance of both the individual and team in both writing and presenting strategies with a sound understanding of rhetoric at the center of everything.

Students often enjoy this class for its practical applications. Especially during Career Fair & Spring Ice, BUS102 will prepare students with a strong resume and email etiquette and an understanding of cover letters and interviews that will propel them throughout their time at Miami. Many students will attribute their learnings from the course to successful interviews, internship, and job opportunities!

Our faculty are interested in meeting you – feel free to stop by their office hours to continue the conversation with them!

Gina Dutro: BUS102 Team Lead – 3068
Pam Chisum – 3067
Julie Alexander – 3069
Jake Matig - 3069
Justin McGlothin – 3071
Enrique Paz – 3071
Kerrie Carsey - 3067