First-Year Integrated Core
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President Gregory Crawford speaks at the inaugural festivities for the FYIC program in 2016
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Faculty Spotlight Archive

Meet Our BUS101 Faculty!

Professor Cindy Oakenfull, Professor Gary Oliphant, and Professor Becky Crews join us in this week’s faculty spotlight to talk about BUS101! This foundational course is part of the 8-credit hour, First Year Integrated Core that encourages students to make the transition from student to business professional. Students will develop 6 key skills that are central to both BUS101 and the FYIC as a whole: critical thinking, creativity, computational thinking, collaboration, communication, and ethical thinking.

The course introduces the foundational concepts of business and allows students to hone in on a variety of skills such as: personal responsibility, ethical decision making, building successful habits and achieving goals, and team collaboration.

Students in BUS101 have opportunities to use new tools such as an Artificial Intelligence powered learning community, dive into relevant topics in industry such as defining the “Next Big Thing” across a variety of sectors, and develop effective teams using a variety of resources unique to the Farmer School of Business experience!

The First Year Integrated Core is very lucky to have such dedicated faculty members teaching BUS101 and they are all able to translate their real-world, business experience to students in the classroom in a truly meaningful way. Feel free to stop by and continue the conversations with these faculty members at any time!

Stay tuned for our next faculty spotlight!