Large white columns frame courtyard where there are bikes sitting in bike racks and students sit at tables studying.

Why Choose Honors?

Smaller classes

As a Business Honors student, you will enjoy lively interaction in small classes. The average size of honors classes is 20 students.

Sense of community

Your Honors cohort stays together all four years, helping you forge strong friendships, work effectively in teams, and develop a cohesive, shared academic experience.

Rigorous, challenging, and demanding curriculum

Your Honors classes will be taught by some of the school's finest faculty members.

Innovative, specialized courses

The school often chooses to pilot new approaches or new courses with its Honors students.

Accelerated, integrative core courses

You'll find that the Honors instructional approach helps you make interdisciplinary connections and think flexibly.

Additional exposure... outside speakers, who welcome the opportunity to speak to speak informally in an Honors setting.

Opportunity for thesis or research project...

...on a current area of business.

Special recognition... the Farmer School's divisional commencement.