Farmer School of Business exterior in the fall. Large building with clock tower and pillars over the entrance surrounded by trees turning orange.

Why Choose Honors?

Matthew Dobson

Matthew Dobson

Being a member of the Business Honors cohort has given me the opportunity to learn about business in a new way. Rather than learning through textbooks and lectures, I have been challenged to work and learn in groups, directly with professors, and independently. Through these groups I’ve developed some of my closest friendships. I have gotten to know distinguished faculty members both inside and outside the classroom.

My favorite experience through the business honors program was competing in the 2009 Nationwide Biz Quiz, a “business bowl” competition that draws teams from Top 25 undergraduate business schools throughout the country. To prepare, our three-person team read the Wall Street Journal every day for six weeks. The many great memories created during BizQuiz weekend will last a lifetime and in several ways will define my Miami experience.

-Matthew Aaron Dobson.