EY Analytics Learning Lab

Grace using agile in the EY Analytics Learning Lab

The EY Analytics Learning Lab (EY ALL) provides space and technologies to support collaborative work in applying analytical methods to solve real-world problems. Inspired by the CADS mission to develop problem-solvers in a collaborative environment and to promote the sound practice of analytics, the Lab includes the following key components:

  • Repository of online resources to develop and refine programming skills
  • Innovative workspace for team collaboration
  • Analytical consulting to help students with the application of analytics

Why an EY Analytics Learning Lab?

Miami University believes integrating professional development with the intellectual and academic rigor of a liberal education is critical to developing innovative problem-solvers. Grounded in this philosophy, the EY ALL teaches modern analytical skills and provides hands-on application of these skills.

The EY ALL is a resource for learners seeking additional knowledge or clarification on various analytical and data science related topics. Students and faculty in particular are encouraged to take advantage of the resources. Faculty can use the Lab to supplement the concepts taught in class and provide students with a resource should they have curiosity in a topic that is beyond the scope of their class. For students, the benefits of the EY ALL are multi-faceted. In a classroom setting, the EY ALL can offer another perspective on challenging concepts learned in class. It can also guide students on homework or projects pertaining to analytics, computer science, statistics, and business.

To become proficient in analytics and data science, learners must move beyond abstract classroom uses of analytical methods. The Lab provides users the cutting-edge resources they need to learn, practice and refine their analytics and data science skills.

Need RStudio Help?

Online resources to help students of all experience levels with coding and functions in RStudio. 

Content Developers

The online resources were developed by the following team: