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EY Analytics Learning Lab

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EY Analytics Learning Lab provides tutorials for RStudio and Python.

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The mission of the Miami University Center for Analytics and Data Science is to foster professional development in the areas of analytics and data science through interdisciplinary academic programs, experiential learning opportunities, and collaborative research.

The Analytics Learning Lab is an innovative initiative specifically designed to support this mission by four key components:

  1. Innovative workspaces for team collaboration
  2. Technology support necessary for students, faculty, and staff to learn, apply and conduct research in analytics and data science
  3. A repository of resources to support the learning and application of analytics and data science
  4. Faculty-directed, student-led teams to provide peer-to-peer support for the data-related research and analysis portions of client-based experiential projects

Why an Analytics Learning Lab?

Miami University believes integrating professional development with the intellectual and academic rigor of a liberal education is critical to developing innovative problem-solvers. 

Grounded in this philosophy, the EY Analytics Learning Lab develops problem solvers equipped with modern data analytic and computing skills and provides hands-on practice in applying those skills. The Analytics Learning Lab gives our students, faculty, and staff the cutting-edge resources they need to learn, practice and refine their analytics and data science skills. In addition, the lab provides professional growth opportunities to students who will lead innovative initiatives, interface with external partners and manage complex projects.

To become proficient in analytics and data science, learners must move beyond abstract classroom uses of analytical methods. The Lab provides spaces and technologies to support collaborative work in applying analytical methods to solve real-world problems.

An initial space for collaborative projects is located in the Farmer School of Business, adjacent to the offices of the director and associate director of the Center for Analytics and Data Science.