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R is a commonly used, though very powerful, open source programming/scripting language for both statistics and data science applications. In addition to performing calculations, graphical displays can be created and saved in a variety of formats.

RStudio is a separate program that gives users a more user-friendly interface with which to use R. In addition to RStudio, there are several other popular integrated development environments (IDEs) for R, including StatET, RapidMiner, Tinn-R, R Commander, etc.

A comprehensive list of R IDEs can be found at the R wiki page.

We recommend RStudio since it is reliable, very popular, and well maintained. This means that we can count on RStudio supporting commonly used packages associated with analytics and data science such as dplyr for data manipulation, ggplot2 for visualization tools, zoo for time series, and many others including new R packages in future releases. For more on R packages see the Downloading and Installing R Packages help page.

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