White words on red banner that say, William Isaac and Michael Oxley Center for Business Leadership, 12th Annual Executive Conference, In partnership with Miami University
11th annual CBL Conference - Leveraging Diverse Leadership. October 24, 2015. Expert Panelists - Rod Adams - Director Campus Recruiting, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP  Tiffany Adams - Founder and President, Cincinnati Etiquette and Leadership Institute LLC  Dr. Allison Jones-Farmer - Van Andel Professor of Business Analytics and Director of the Center for Analytics and Data Science, Miami University  Polly Pearson - Principal, Pearson Advisory  Kate Spirko - Director HR Service Center, Cardinal Health  Kevin St. Cyr - Director Recruiting, Western and Southern Financial Group  Melissa Means - Managing Director, Pearl Meyer (Moderator)
The Center for Business Excellence 10th Annual Executive Conference, Turning Values into Value, Nov 6 and 7, 2014. Picture of a man at a podium in front of the FSB banners of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility
The Center for Business Excellence 9th Annual Executive Conference, Creating Value by Effectively Managing Information. Presented by Schneider Electric, Cardinal Health, Western and Southern Financial Group, PwC. Keynote Speaker - Theodore H. Torbeck, CEO and President, Cincinnati Bell Inc.
Executive Conference 8th Annual Keynote Speaker Decision Making in an Uncertain Regulatory and Economic Environment, Presented by Schneider Electric and sponsored by Cardinal Health, Western and Southern Financial Group and PwC. Joe Carrabba, Chairman, President and CEO of Cliffs Natural Resources
Executive Conference, 7th Annual Keynote Speaker, Integrity, Leadership and Transparency, Navigating Decisions in a Perfect Storm Sponsored by Duke Energy, Cardinal Health, PwC, and Western and Southern Financial Group. william Isaac
The Center for Business Excellence 6th Annual Executive Conference - Excellence in Integrity, Leadership and Transparency. Keynote Speaker Christopher Curtis, CEO and President of Schneider Electric North America. Presented by American Electric Power and Cardinal Health
The Center for Business Excellence 5th Annual Executive Conference - Managing Risk to Achieve Strategy in the Post-Recession Economy, April 20-21, 2010. Who attended - Senior management responsible for risk management or resiliency  Senior management responsible for sustainability or corporate responsibility  BOD members, particularly those interested in risk management or sustainability
The Center for Business Excellence 4th Annual Executive Conference - Managing Risk to Achieve Strategy in the Post-Financial Crisis World. April 14-15, 2009. Presented by PwC, Fidelity Investments and American Electric Power. Keynote Speaker - Bruce Johnstone, Managing Director and Senior Marketing Investment Strategist, Fidelity Investments, Boston
April 24-25, 2008. 3rd Annual Executive Conference on Governance, Risk Management and Reporting. Keynote Speaker Robert Greifeld, President and CEO NASDAQ. Presented by PwC, Cardinal Health, Fidelity Investments and American Electric Power
Executive Conference 2nd Annual Keynote Speaker, Governance, Risk Management, and Reporting Sponsored by American Electric Power, Huntington, and PwC. Michael Oxley, U.S. Congressman and

Executive Conference

As you scroll through the slides above, you will see the topics, sponsors and takeaways of the previous executive conferences hosted by the Center for Business Leadership. Everyone is welcome to attend, and there are many reasons for doing so. By attending the executive conference, members of senior management teams can:

  • Participate in discussions on integrating governance, strategy, risk management and resiliency in their leadership styles.
  • Learn about leading-edge initiatives at organizations.
  • Network with other business leaders.
  • Interact with students interested in the topics addressed.

In the past, the CBL has hosted conferences with a variety of themes. In 2016, the conference focused on “Building an Authentic Personal Brand” - in other words, what can business professionals do to stand out in the crowd and develop their personal lives alongside their professional. With every conference, we strive to address relevant topics and provide an arena for key discussion to take place. For instance, in 2010, we focused on how to manage risk to achieve effective strategy in the post-recession economy.

Check back for more information about upcoming executive conferences and to find out how to attend.