Elizabeth Troy


Entrepreneurship & First-Year Integrated Core



Beth Troy is an Entrepreneurship Business Core Instructor. She is a writer and published her first novel, Lu, in Summer 2017, and a communications professional with demonstrated success in advancing strategic marketing and programming efforts in entrepreneurial environments. Beth earned both master's and bachelor's degrees from Miami University in the early 2000s. Prior to her work with the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Beth worked as the Director of Communications for Oxford Bible Fellowship, an editor, and as an adjunct professor of English Composition, Grammar, Technical Writing, History and Women's Studies for a number of universities, including Miami University, Ball State University, and Lakeland Community College. In addition, she was the founder of a monthly magazine for which she built and managed a team of more than a dozen writers, editors, and graphic designers.


  • SPRING 2018
  • ESP 103 AB TR 1:15PM-2:10PM 0033 FSB
  • ESP 103 BB TR 2:50PM-3:45PM 0033 FSB
  • ESP 103 CB TR 11:40AM-12:35PM 303 LWS
  • ESP 103 DA TR 8:30AM-9:25AM 303 LWS
  • ESP 103 EA TR 10:05AM-11:00AM 303 LWS

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