Jonathan Grenier

Associate Professor & Miami PRIME Director



Academic Background

  • PhD (Accountancy), University of Illinois, 2010
  • Master of Accountancy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Endres Associate Professor Fellow (2018-present)
  • Director, Professional Institute for Management Education (PRIME; 2017-present)
  • Associate Professor, Miami University (2016-present)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Assistant Professor, Miami University (2014-2016)
  • Assistant Professor, Miami University (2010-2016)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois (2010)
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois (2004-2009)
  • Research Assistant, University of Illinois (2005-2008)
  • Project Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2000)


  • Select Publications
  • Brink, W. D., T.V. Eaton, J.H. Grenier, and A. Reffett. 2019. Deterring unethical behavior in online labor markets. Journal of Business Ethics 156(1): 71-88.
  • Brink, W.D., J.H. Grenier, J.S. Pyzoha, and A. Reffett. 2019. The effects of clawbacks on auditors’ risk assessments and propensity to propose restatements. Journal of Business Ethics 158(2): 313- 332.
  • Brown, J.O., J.H. Grenier, J.S. Pyzoha, and A. Reffett. 2019. The effects of specialist type and estimate aggressiveness on juror judgments of auditor negligence. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 38(3): 47-69.
  • Frank, M.L., J.H. Grenier, and J.S. Pyzoha. 2019. How disclosing a prior cyberattack influences the efficacy of cybersecurity risk management reporting and independent assurance. Forthcoming – Journal of Information Systems.
  • Ballou, B. P-C. Chen, J.H. Grenier, and D.L. Heitger. 2018. Corporate social responsibility assurance and reporting quality: Evidence from restatements. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 37: 167-188.
  • Grenier, J.H., A. Reffett, C. Simon, and R. Warne. 2018. Conducting research on juror judgment and decision making in cases of alleged auditor negligence: A toolkit for new scholars. Behavioral Research in Accounting 30(1): 99-110.
  • Farrell, A.M., J.H. Grenier, and J.L. Leiby. 2017. Scoundrels or stars? Theory and evidence on the quality of workers in online labor markets. The Accounting Review 92(1): 93-114.
  • Grenier, J.H. 2017. Encouraging professional skepticism in the industry specialization era. Journal of Business Ethics 142(2): 241-256.
  • Brasel, K., M. Doxey, J.H. Grenier, and A. Reffett. 2016. Risk disclosure preceding negative outcomes: The effects of reporting critical audit matter paragraphs on judgments of auditor liability. The Accounting Review 91(5): 1345-1362.
  • Casey, R.J. and J.H. Grenier. 2015. Understanding and contributing to the enigma of corporate social responsibility (CSR) assurance in the United States. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 34(1): 97-130.
  • Grenier, J.H., D.J. Lowe, A. Reffett, and R.C. Warne. 2015. The effects of independent expert recommendations on juror judgments of auditor negligence. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 34(4): 157-170.
  • Grenier, J.H., B. Pomeroy, and M. Stern. 2015. The effects of accounting standard precision, auditor task expertise, and judgment frameworks on audit firm litigation exposure. Contemporary Accounting Research 32(1): 336-357.
  • Ballou, B., R.J. Casey, J.H. Grenier, and D.L. Heitger. 2012. Exploring the strategic integration of sustainability initiatives: Opportunities for accounting research. Accounting Horizons 26 (2): 265- 288.
  • Grenier, J.H., B. Pomeroy, and A. Reffett. 2012. Speak up or shut up? The moderating role of credibility on auditor remedial defense tactics. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 31(4):65-83.

Honors & Awards

    Professional Interests

    • Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory Best Paper Award, 2018
    • AAA ABO Section Outstanding Dissertation Award, 2011
    • James Robeson Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award, 2015
    • Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award: Outstanding Junior Professor, 2014
    • CELTUA/CTE Commendation for Influence on Students, 2012 - 2018



    • SPRING 2020
    • ACC 453 SEC A, TR 10:05AM - 11:25AM, FSB 0026
    • ACC 650 SEC A, TR 1:15PM-2:35PM, FSB 0028
    • ACC 650 SEC B, TR 2:50PM-4:10PM FSB 0028
    Jonathan Grenier

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