Glenn Platt

C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Network Technology & Management & Professor

Marketing & Interactive Media Studies


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University, Economics and Political Economy, 1993
  • M.S. Carnegie Mellon University, Economics and Political Economy, 1990
  • B.A. University of Florida, Economics (with departmental honors), 1988

Recent Publications

  • Coyle, J., Smith, T., Sideways Silver, L. and Platt, G. (forthcoming) “The Influence of Source Interface and Perceived Helpfulness on Company Use of Social Media for CRM,” Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing.
  • Coyle, James R., Ted Smith, Liz Lightfoot, William Neace, and Glenn Platt (forthcoming) “’Click Here to Share With a Friend’: A Uses and Gratifications Approach to Word-­-of-­-Mouth Marketing Effectiveness,” International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing
  • Magolda, P.and Platt, G. (2009). "Untangling Web 2.0's Influences on Student Learning." About Campus: Enriching the Student Learning Experience. Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 10-16.
  • Magolda, P. and Platt, G. (2008). "Unconventional technologies build community." Leadership Exchange, Vol. 5, pp. 40-41.
  • Platt, G. J. (2005) “Redistricting Principles, Processes, and Incumbency Protection” with Rich Forgette; Political Geography, November 2005, Vol. 24, p. 934–951.
  • Platt, G. J. (2002) “Fungibility of Lottery Revenues in Support of Public Education” Erekson, H., DeShano, K., Platt G., and Ziegert, A. Journal of Education Finance, Vol.28 No.2, Fall 2002.
  • Platt, G. J. (2002) “The Disappearing Middle: An Incumbency-Based Explanation of a More Partisan Congress and a Less Partisan Electorate” with Rich Forgette; American Review of Politics, Fall 2002, Vol. 23, p.225–243.
  • Platt, G. J. (2000) Prentice-Hall Learning Initiative Partnership. Co-authored with Geoffrey Black, Prentice-Hall Publishing: NY, NY/Active Learning Technologies: West Park, NY, 2000.
  • Platt, G. J. (2000) “Cincinnati in 1840: The Social and Functional Organization or Urban Community During the Pre-Civil War Period by Walter Stix Glazer” Book Review, Journal of Economic History, June 2000, Vol.60, No.2.
  • Platt, G. J. (2000) “Inverting the Classroom: A Gateway to Inclusive Learning Environments.” with Prof. Maureen Lage and Prof. Mike Treglia. Journal of Economic Education, Winter 2000, Vol.31, No.1.
  • Platt, G. J. (2000) “The Internet and the Inverted Classroom” with Maureen J. Lage, Journal of Economic Education, Winter 2000, Vol.31, No.1.
  • Platt, G. J. (2000) Principles of Microeconomics—A Complete On-Line Course. Prentice-Hall Publishing: New York, NY/Active Learning Technologies: West Park, NY, 2000. [On-Line Course for WebCT]

Honors & Awards

  • 2012 Faculty of the Year, MBA Program
  • 2012 A.K. Morris Alumni Association Award
  • 2009 Dave Roberts Distinguished Service Award
  • 2003, 2002. 2201: Associated Student Government Honored Professor, Miami University.
  • 2003: Alumni Effective Educator Award nominee, Miami University.
  • 1998: Miami University E. Phillips Knox Teaching Award
  • 1997: Richard T. Farmer School of Business Administration Teaching Effectiveness Award

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Community Management
  • Technology and Change in Higher Education
  • Design Thinking
  • Augmented/virtual environments
  • Digital Media
  • Interactive Marketing
  • e-Commerce


Glenn Platt received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics (with departmental honors) from University of Florida and his MS and PhD in Economics and in Political Economy from Carnegie Mellon University, graduating in 1993.

He is currently a Professor of Marketing and has been Director of the Interactive Media Studies Program since 2000. Glenn, along with his colleague Prof. Lage, coined the phrase "inverted classroom" with a 2000 seminal work outlining the benefits of using technology to move active learning into the classroom and lecture outside of class. He has won the School of Business Teaching Effectiveness Award, the Associated Student Government Effective Educator Award, and the University's Knox Award for Teaching. Glenn is President-elect of the International Digital Media and Arts Association.

Besides directing IMS, Glenn teaches the IMS/AI capstone consulting course as well as Internet Marketing. He consults in areas of Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Gamification.


Glenn Platt

Contact Information

Office Hours

  • Please contact Dr. Platt at his e-mail address of or via phone at (513) 529-2808. His office is located in 203 Laws Hall.


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