Joi Sears


First-Year Integrated Core & Entrepreneurship



Joi M. Sears is an Entrepreneurship Business Core Instructor, a creative strategist, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and creative director of Free People International, a social enterprise which specializes in designing sustainable products, creative platforms and innovative experiences for the greater social good. Joi earned a Master's degree from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study in arts and social change. Her professional experience spans five continents and a variety of fields. Her work with social enterprises, NGO's and corporations combines her unique skill set as well as her passion for sustainability, community building and social innovation. Joi is one of twenty social entrepreneurs from around the world offered a prestigious fellowship to the DO School's Sustainable Packaging Challenge with H&M. She has recently earned a certificate in Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership from the United Nations 'University of Peace'. She is recent recipient of the People's Liberty Globe Grant.


  • SPRING 2018
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