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Megan Gerhardt



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Academic Background

  • Ph.D. University of Iowa, Organizational Behavior, 2003
  • B.A. University of Iowa, Psychology, 1998

Recent Publications

  • Gerhardt, M.W. (accepted for publication, October 2014). The Importance of Being...Social? Instructor Credibility and the Millennial Student. Studies in Higher Education (Contribution: 100%; Impact Factor: 1.28).
  • Gerhardt, M.W., Brown, K.G., & Dysvik, A. (accepted for publication, February 2014). A bridge over troubled water: A former military officer, corporate executive, and business (Contribution: 35%, Impact Factor: 1.594)
  • Gerhardt, M.W. & Le, H.A. (2013). Overt Narcissism and Approach-Avoidance Motivation: Expanding the Lens to Examine Goal Orientation, Journal of Organizational Psychology, 13, 21-31 (Contribution: 75%; Journal Acceptance Rate: 28%, h-index: 8)
  • Luzadis, R. & Gerhardt, M. (2012). An exploration of the relationship between ethical orientation and goal orientation. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 5. (Contribution: 50%, Journal Acceptance Rate: 30%, Cited by 3; as per Google Scholar).
  • Wesolowski, M., Luzadis, R.A, & Gerhardt, M.W. (2011). Understanding the nomological net for gender bias. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 1, (Contribution: 33%; Journal Acceptance Rate: 28%, Journal h-index: 8) Gerhardt, M.W., Ashenbaum, B.A., Newman, W.R. (2009). Understanding the Impact of Proactive Personality on Job Performance: The Roles of Tenure and Self-Management. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. (Contribution: 50%, Cited by 14, as per Google Scholar) Journal Acceptance Rate: 17%, Impact Factor forthcoming).
  • Gerhardt, M.W. & Luzadis, R.A. (2009). The Importance of Perceived Task Difficulty in Goal Orientation-Assigned Goal Alignment. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. (Contribution: 50%, Cited by 5, as per Google Scholar); Journal Acceptance Rate: 17%, Impact Factor forthcoming).
  • Gerhardt, M. W.; Rode, J.C.; Peterson, S. J. (2007). Exploring mechanisms in the personality-performance relationship: Mediating roles of self-management and situational constraints. Personality and Individual Differences, 43 (6), 1344-1355. (Contribution: 40%; Cited by 23, as per Google Scholar); Journal Acceptance Rate: 40%; Journal Impact factor: 1.861)
  • Barbosa, S.D.; Gerhardt, M. W.; Kickul, J.R. (2007). The Role of Cognitive Style and Risk Preference on Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Intentions. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 13 (4), 86-104. (Contribution: 20%; Cited by 156 (as per Google Scholar), Journal Acceptance Rate: 18%, Impact Factor forthcoming)
  • Gerhardt, M. (2007). Teaching Self-Management: The Design and Implementation of Self-Management Tutorials. Journal of Education for Business, 83(1), 11-18. (Contribution-100%; Cited by 27, as per Google Scholar); Journal Acceptance rate: 52%)
  • Peterson, S.J., Gerhardt, M.W., & Rode, J.C. (2006). Examination of the Relationship Between Hope and Task Performance: A Test of a Theoretical Model. Personality and Individual Differences, 40, 1099-1109. (Contribution: 40%; Journal Acceptance Rate: 40%; Cited by 27 (as per Google Scholar); Journal Impact Factor: 1.861).
  • Gerhardt, M.W. & Brown, K.G. (2006). Individual Differences in Self-Efficacy Development: The Effects of Goal Orientation and Affectivity. Learning and Individual Differences, 16, 43-59. (Contribution: 85%; Cited by 45 (as per Google Scholar); Journal Acceptance Rate: 40%; Journal Impact Factor: 1.565)
  • Ilies, R., Gerhardt, M.W., & Le, H. (2004). Individual Differences in Leadership Emergence: Integrating Meta-Analytic Findings and Behavioral Genetic Estimates. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 12, 207-219. (Contribution-25%; Cited by 89 (as per Google Scholar); Journal Acceptance Rate: 28%; Impact Factor: 1.30).
  • Wenzel, A., Werner (maiden name), M., Cochran, C., & Holt, C. (2004). A Differential Pattern of Autobiographical Memory Retrieval in Social Phobic and Nonanxious Individuals. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 32, 1-13. (Contribution: 50%; Cited by 12, as per Google Scholar). Journal Impact Factor: 1.149.
  • Brown, K.G., & Gerhardt, M.W. (2002). Formative evaluation: An integrative practice model and case study. Personnel Psychology Vol 55(4) p.951-983. (Contribution: 35%; Cited by 70, as per Google Scholar); Journal Impact Factor: 4.54; ISI Journal Citation Reports Ranking: 4/54)
  • Judge, T.A., Bono, J.E., Ilies, R., & Gerhardt, M.W. (2002). Personality and leadership: A qualitative and quantitative review. Journal of Applied Psychology Vol 87(4), p.765-780. (Cited by 1620; as per Google Scholar), Contribution: 15%; Journal Acceptance Rate: 10%; Journal Impact Factor: 4.367).

Honors & Awards

  • 2012-2015: Naus Family Faculty Scholar
  • 2009: Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award, Farmer School of Business, Miami University
  • 2002: Flanagan Award for Best Student Paper, Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Toronto, Cana.

Professional Interests

  • Research: Generational Differences, Individual Differences, Motivation, Learning, Leadership
  • Teaching: Leadership & Learning, Introduction to Management and Leadership
  • Consulting & Workshops: Strengthfinder/Strengths based Leadership, Leadership of Multiple Generations, Women in Leadership

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Organizational behavior
  • Personality