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Xiaowen Huang



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Academic Background

  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Operations and Management Science, 2004
  • M.S. Shanghai JiaoTong University, Industrial Management Engineering, 1998
  • B.S. Shanghai JiaoTong University, Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Management Engineering, 1995

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Research Assistant, University of Minnesota (2000-2003).
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota (1999-2003).
  • SAP Consultant, Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group (ICS), (1998).

Recent Publications

  • Flynn, Barb B., Huang, X, and Zhao, X. (2014). “Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets: Critical Research Issues.” Journal of Supply Chain Management. In Print.
  • Gattiker, T., Carter, C., Huang, X., and Tate, W. (2014). “Managerial Commitment to Sustainable Supply Chain Management Projects.” Journal of Business Logistics, 35(4), 318-337.
  • Dong, Y., Huang, X., Sinha, K.K., and Xu, K. (2014). “Collaborative Demand Forecasting: Toward the Design of an Exception-Based Forecasting Mechanisms.” Journal of Management Information Systems, 31(2), 245-284.
  • Huang, X., Rode, J. C., & Schroeder, R. G. (2011). “Organizational Structure and Continuous Improvement and Learning: Moderating Effects of Cultural Endorsement of Participative Leadership.” Journal of International Business Studies, 42(9), 1103-1120. Huang, X., Gattiker, T., & Schroeder, R. (2010). “Do Competitive Priorities Drive Adoption of Electronic Commerce Applications? Testing the Contingency and Institutional Views.” Journal of Supply Chain Management, 46(3), 57-69. Kristal, M. M., Huang, X., & Schroeder, R. G. (2010). “The Effect of Quality Management on Mass Customization Capability.” International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 30(9), 900-922.
  • Huang, X. & Finch, B. (2010). “Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Online Auctions: An Empirical Analysis.” International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 27 (8), 878-892.
  • Huang,X., Kristal, M. M., and Roger G. Schroeder, "The impact of organizational structure on mass customization capability: A contingency view." Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.
  • Kristal, M. M., Huang, X., & Roth, A. V. (2010). “The Effect of an Ambidextrous Supply Chain Strategy on Combinative Competitive Capabilities and Business Performance.” Journal of Operations Management, 28(5), 415-429.
  • Roth, A. V., Schroeder, R.G., Huang, X., and Kristal, M. M. (2008) Handbook of Metrics for Research in Operations Management: Multi-item Measurement Scales and Objective Items, Sage Publications.
  • Huang,X., Kristal, M. M., and Schroeder, R. G. (2008) “Linking Learning and Effective Process Implementation to Mass Customization Capabilities.” Journal of Operations Management, 26(5). 714-729
  • Huang,X., Gattiker, T. F., and Schwartz, J. L. (2008) "Initial Trust Formation in the Supply Chain: A Comparison of Face-to-Face Negotiation, Email Negotiation and Internet Reverse Auctions." Journal of Supply Chain Management, 44(3), 53-75.
  • Huang,X., Gattiker, T. F., and Schroeder, R. G. (2007) “Structure-Infrastructure alignment: The relationship between TQM orientation and the adoption of supplier-facing electronic commerce among manufacturers.” Journal of Supply Chain Management, 44(1) 38-51.
  • Gattiker, T., Huang, X., & Schwarz, J. L. (2007) "Negotiation, Email, and Internet Reverse Auctions: How Sourcing Mechanisms Deployed by Buyers Affect Suppliers' Trust." Journal of Operations Management, 25(1) 184-202.

Honors & Awards

  • 2014: Best Reviewer Award, Decision Sciences Journal
  • 2014: Associate Editor Appreciation Award, Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • 2012: Endres Associate Professor Fellow
  • 2011: Miami University Distinguished Scholar Award
  • 2011: Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence, International Journal of Operations & Production Management
  • 2011: Best Paper Finalist Award, Journal of Operations Management
  • 2010: Richard K. Smucker Junior Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence recipient.
  • 2010: James Robeson Junior Faculty Award for Research Excellence recipient.
  • 2010: Miami Alumni Association's Effective Educator Award nominee
  • 2008: Harold E. Fearon Best Paper Award, Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • 2008: Richard K. Smucker Junior Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence nominee

Professional Interests

  • Research: Supply Chain Management, Management of Technology, Service Operations Management, Operations Strategy
  • Teaching: Supply Chain Management, Operations Strategy

Areas of Expertise

  • Management of technology
  • Operations
  • Service management
  • Supply chain management