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Charles Moul

Associate Professor


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Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Northwestern University, Economics, 2000
  • B.A. Magna cum laude, Miami University, Economics & Political Science, 1994

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Miami University (2014-Present)
  • Assistant Professor, Miami University (2008-2014)
  • Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis (2000–2008)

Recent Publications

  • "Who Should Handle Retail? Vertical Contracts, Customer Service, and Social Welfare in a Chinese Mobile Phone Market," with Jia Li. 2015. International Journal of Industrial Organization. 39: 29-43.
  • "Estimating Demand for Spatially Differentiated Firms with Unobserved Quantities and Limited Price Data." 2015. Economics Letters. 131: 50-53.
  • "Time to Unbridle U.S. Thoroughbred Racetracks? Lessons from Australian Bookies," with Joseph Keller. 2014. Review of Industrial Organization. 44(3): 211-239.
  • Bank Panics, Government Guarantees, and the Long Run Size of the Financial Sector: Evidence from Free-Banking America," with Ben Chabot. 2014. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 46(5): 961-97.
  • The House Doesn't Always Win: Evidence of Anchoring among Australian Bookies," with Patrick McAlvanah. 2013. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 90: 87-99.
  • "Did the Soviets Collude? A Statistical Analysis of Championship Chess 1940-78” with John Nye. 2009. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 70(1-2): 10-21.
  • “How Far for a Buck? Tax Differences and the Location of Retail Gasoline Activity in Southeast Chicagoland,” with Mark Manuszak. 2009. Review of Economics and Statistics 91(4): 744-65.
  • “Retailer Entry Conditions and Wholesaler Conduct: The theatrical distribution of motion pictures.” 2008. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 26(4): 966–84.
  • “Prices and Endogenous Market Structure in Office Supply Superstores,” with Mark Manuszak. 2008. Journal of Industrial Economics, 56(1): 94–112.
  • “Measuring Word-of-Mouth’s Impact on Theatrical Movie Admissions.” 2007. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 16(4), 859-92.

Honors & Awards

  • Associated Student Government Outstanding Professor Winner, 2015
  • Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award (Junior Professor), May 2013
  • Arts and Sciences Faculty Award Winner, Washington University, 2007
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1994, Miami University
  • George W. Thatcher Prize for Distinguished Economics Undergraduate, 1994, Miami University

Professional Interests

  • Teaching: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization
  • Research: Industrial organization, Empirical microeconomics