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  • TR 2:45-4


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T.M. Rajkumar


Information Systems & Analytics

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Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Texas Tech University, MIS, 1989
  • M.S.E.E. Texas Tech University, Electrical Engineering, 1983
  • B.Tech Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Electrical (Power), 1977

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Assoc. Professor, Miami University (1995–Present).
  • Asst. Professor, Miami University (1989–1995).
  • Graduate Assistant, Texas Tech University (1981–1989).
  • Testing Engineer, BHEL (1977–1980).

Recent Publications

  • Chen, J. V., Rungruengsamrit, D., Rajkumar, T.M. & Yen, D. C. (in press, 2013). Success Of Electronic Commerce Websites: A Comparative Study In Two Countries. Information & Management.
  • Fang, X. & Rajkumar, T.M. (in press, 2013). The Role of National Culture and Multimedia on First Impression Bias Reduction: An Experimental Study in US and China,. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications.
  • Mani, R.V.S., Baul, U., Mohanty, R. P., & Rajkumar, T.M. (in press, 2012). An Empirical Study of Information Technology Infrastructure Capability and its Impact on Digitally Enabled Customer Management Processes in Life Insurance Companies. International Journal of Business Information Systems.
  • Rajkumar, T.M., Anderson, P., Benamati, J. S, & Merhout, J. W. (2011).  Are Student Self-Assessments a Valid Proxy for Direct Assessments in Efforts to Improve Information Systems Courses and Programs? An Empirical Study.  Communication of AIS, 28 (1), Article 31.
  • Jengchung V. Chen, David C. Yen, T.M. Rajkumar, Nathan A. Tomochko, (2011) The antecedent factors on trust and commitment in supply chain relationships, Computer Standards & Interfaces, Volume 33, Issue 3, March 2011, Pages 262-270,
  • Benamati, J. S. & Rajkumar, T.M. (2008).  An Outsourcing Acceptance Model: An Application of TAM to Application Development Outsourcing Decisions. Information Resources Management Journal, 21 (2), 80-102.
  • Merhout, J., Benamati, J., Rajkumar, T.M., Anderson, P., & Marado, D. (2008).  Implementing Direct and Indirect Assessment in the MIS Curriculum. Communication of AIS, 23.
  • Havelka, D. & Rajkumar, T.M. (2006). Using the Troubled Project Recovery Framework: Problem Recognition and Decision to Recover. e-Service Journal, 5 (1).
  • Havelka, D. & Rajkumar, T.M. (2006). Recovering Troubled Projects: Prescriptions for Sustained Recovery. Issues in Information Systems, VII N2, 92-96.
  • Aiyer, J., Rajkumar, T. M., & Havelka, D. (2005). A Staged Framework for the Recovery and Rehabilitation Of Troubled IS Development Projects. Project Management Journal, 36 (4), 32-43.
  • Davis, W. S. & Rajkumar, T. M. (2004). Operating Systems: A Systematic View–Sixth Edition Addison Wesley.
  • Erasala, N., Yen, D. C., & Rajkumar, T. M. (2003). Enterprise Application Integration in the EC World. Computer Standards and Interfaces.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analysis of structured and unstructured data
  • Web Development
  • Database management systems
  • Multimedia