Four Farmer School Professors Promoted

February 2012

Four professors in the Farmer of School of Business were granted promotions by the Miami University Board of Trustees earlier this month. Peng Wang, Bryan Ashenbaum and James Coyle were promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure and Mike McCarthy was promoted to Professor.

"Please join me in expressing heartfelt congratulations to these outstanding teachers and scholars," said Dean Roger L. Jenkins. "Recruiting and retaining world-class faculty is a top priority for the Farmer School and we pride ourselves on giving our faculty opportunities for personal and professional growth."

Dr. Peng Wang teaches in the management department. She earned a Ph.D. in human resources and human behavior from the University of Illinois (2004). She has published articles on transitional leadership and counts creativity, cross-cultural management and leadership effectiveness among her areas of expertise. Dr. Wang teaches leadership and cross cultural management courses.

Dr. Bryan Ashenbaum earned his Ph.D. in business administration from Arizona State University and teaches supply chain management courses at the Farmer School. He has researched and published articles on integrating supply chain concepts into other business functions and the impact of technology on the supply chain. Prior to his academic career Dr. Ashenbaum held positions with such high profile companies as Procter & Gamble and Honeywell.

Dr. James Coyle teaches in the Armstrong Interactive Media Studies Program and the marketing department. He completed a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri - Columbia in Journalism with an advertising research specialization (1997). His research and publications have focused on emerging online media topics such as social media and the effects of interactivity in web-based marketing. Dr. Coyle was the 1997 winner of the Doctoral Dissertation Award, American Academy of Advertising.

Dr. Mike McCarthy also teaches in the marketing department. He holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School at the University of Pittsburgh (1996). Dr. McCarthy has been with Miami since 1996 and currently teaches graduate and undergraduate marketing courses. His research focuses are in branding and brand equity management with advertising and other brand related topics among areas of expertise. Dr. McCarthy was selected for the Miami Opportunities for Developing Emerging Leaders (MODEL) Program in 2002.