Oakenfull Honored with Teaching Award

February 2012

The Marketing Management Association (MMA) announced that Farmer School faculty member Gillian Oakenfull is a winner of the 2012 Hormel Meritorious Teaching Award, which will be given at the annual MMA Conference in Chicago next month.

Dr. Oakenfull, an associate professor of marketing, was one of seven marketing educators selected for this award. She is the Director of Experiential Learning in the Farmer School's marketing department and leads its Strategy Works program, a senior capstone where 120 students compete in teams to complete a real business challenge. She also teaches Highwire Brand Studio, an interdisciplinary client-based branding capstone course. Within the Farmer School's MBA program Dr. Oakenfull teaches a globalization and marketing strategy course.

The Marketing Management Association showcases cutting-edge marketing thought leadership from both practitioners and academicians. The Hormel Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the classroom.

"I am very honored to be recognized by the MMA for my teaching in an experiential setting," commented Dr. Oakenfull. "The Department of Marketing has shown a strong commitment to learning in a hands-on, real world environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with my colleagues in developing our innovative programs. I also find it very rewarding to work closely with students to lead them through the nuances of real-world business challenges and a competitive pitch of their ideas."